How did you learn how to roll?

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  1. I was talking to a couple of my stoner buddies recently about how they learned how to roll a joint. Most of them seemed to have an older friend, relative, or dealer teach them how to roll. I taught myself through trial and error(much more error, by the way =D) when I was about 14. I can roll just as good as the rest of them though, even better than some. How did you learn how to roll?
  2. practice makes perfect and rolling its untelling how many joints.
  3. Youtube and a pack of RAW 300s. It was pretty difficult learning on RAWs though haha.
  4. The force taught me the ways
  5. It's so tough to roll a j with the force.
  6. Used to roll unfiltered cigs for my dad when i was 10 and 11, learned how to roll doing that and just applied it to joints

  7. ^ this is the way.
    got a can of tobacco cause its easier to roll than flower. practiced with that till i got good then started twisting js.
    anyway you look at it its something thats easier practiced and then figured out
    then someone telling you how
  8. Practice... Which is rewarding even when it doesn't turn out all that great
  9. Ez Widers. It's really hard to not roll a good joint with all that paper. Over time I gradually got smaller papers.

  10. Agreed, it gets easier over time, and you learn better ways to roll.
    i can roll xxl cones with no problems.
    most people think ohh its good to start on just flower,etc rolling and unrolling the same few joints with the same flowers
    bad idea, the more you roll with flowers you loose thc on the paper,
    always start with tobacco even if you don't smoke it
  11. yeah i learned to roll by doing it....i guess i just care more about mj than any of my friends because i was always the go to guy for rolling j's or l's....after rolling hundreds of cigs in college because i was broke i got pretty good.

    i always roll cones now and always use a hemp or paper should too!

  12. I only use Raw skins and Raw rolling tips
  13. By rolling, and rolling, and rolling. Time, practice and patience is everything.
  14. I Would Practice By Rolling Up Little Pieces Of Paper Into Small Nug Sizes And Practice By Rolling Those Into Jays . No Loss Of Money And Great Practice .

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