How Did You Get Into Growing? And How Long Have You Ben?

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  1. I just started growing in febuary, im a newbie xP
    i wanted to start growing because i would get ripped off alot form my dealers and i wanted to grow my own so i wouldnt have to deal with these fucking pricks who sell me a gram for $20! and its not even like good shit!!!
    me and my bf always talked about starting growing and 1 day his friend who grows gave us a HUGE bag of seeds so we germinated the seeds and planted them, put them under some CFL's and that was it LOL
    our very first grow was unsuccessful and they ended up dying as little sprouts D:
    we waited a month, got the closet cleared out, put lights in it got it perfect and tried again.
    our first 2 matured plants turned out being male, and i have 3 plants in the vegging stage rite now. their strains r unknown, prob just random mids or w.e.
    anyways now that we know what were doin now we bought some northern lights and whitewidow and we've ben germinating and will plant today :D

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    Been in the garden/ on the farm most of my life. Cultvation is something that i have always been around. Started smoking at 12 and growing cannabis outdoor when i was in high school about 16 y/o without really knowing a whole lot. Wasn't great due to less than ideal growing conditions, but it was free. Studying and learning as time went by my crops improved. stopped for the 4 years i was in the army. Upon returning to KS I chose to grow indoor. Site constantly became compromised and i was forced to cut many plants. Moved to Colorado over a year ago went legit and everything is great now. Only took 5 years to get to where i am now, but i'm glad it's happened. Been growing about 7 years off and on. It really helps having other knowledgable growers at your disposal. I wouldn't have the plants i do without their knowledge and help acquiring genetics.
  3. I started around 02 after dreaming of my own buds reading cannabis culture and the big book of buds...started with nirvana's northern lights, ice, skunk 1, and bog bubble...rented a 5 br house which was the shit and had a veg, flower, drying and unmentionable rooms =)

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