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How did you first approach your dealer?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by theconcept, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. I'm in a remote place right now and and won't be seeing the guy in person, nor do I have his cell. Is it bad etiquette to send him a FB message asking if he's selling? I smoked with him a few weeks ago with some friends, no other way to contact him. Thoughts?

    And I don't think we should call them drug dealers anymore... sounds like cannabis deserves to be illegal. Too conspicuous! We should call them Bud Vendor's or something.
  2. I messaged the kid I buy from on FB and it worked out great. I knew him from class, but I wasn't going to see him for like 4 days so I just facebooked him and :smoke:
  3. facebook him dude. I knew no one when i first approached a dealer, he was living in my dorms and was from cali so i just asked him where i could get some bud and he pulls out a bag of some of the finest shit i have seen or smelt (but back then i had no clue what the fuck good weed looked or smelt like... half a bowl with my girl and i was FUCKED)\

    PS. If u have him on Facebook just message him.. but obviously not on his wall
  4. I was introduced to both of my main dealers at my house through other people, and I agree with the drug dealer label, I refer to them as weed salesmen because I think a real drug dealer is someone who sells multiple drugs and specializes in something like coke and sells weed on the side because its cheap.
  5. First dealer I dealt with was a friend and co-worker of mine.
  6. I always has happened that dealers seem to find me. Stoners know stoners in need I guess.
  7. I met mine through her sisters friend who was dating my best friend. So basically I met mine through like three other people. but now she's trying to get it out of her system (looking for jobs) and so she ain't selling until she gets 'nother job. :/

    There's also a street down town apropriately named "green street"
    If you're african or if you look incredibly young or street, you can go down there and find people sitting on their front porches waiting to sell. They are a last resort though....
  8. at a basketball court in the ghetto. i was mad nervous being 16 handin this black dude I never met 400$ cash for a quap
  9. I was introduced by a customer. Most dealers here simply won't talk to you otherwise.
  10. If you are going to use Facebook, send him a message to get his number. Then call him to discuss picking up. Serious talk about buying or selling anywhere online is a bit sketch.
  11. my dealers come to me:smoke:

    Currently I'm growing to cut out the mumbo jumbo
  12. I said "What up? then dapped him up. :cool:
  13. I haven't had a dealer in years but my first dealer was just a dude at college that dealt to like half the school, my buddy knew him and I would always just come along with him and we'd pick up for the group of us and eventually I started buying my own bag too and taking it home.
  14. Not going to believe this but i met my dealer on xbox live :hello:
    He lived like 5 mins from me, and he said he could get me some.
    He's been a good dealer :smoke:
  15. This.

    And I don't like the term "bud vendors".
    Maybe Budman
  16. I like it.:cool:
  17. lol, bud vendor's, I love that.
    you should use some code words on FB. call it Tree, or Grass, or sometimes my dudes will ask me to burn them a CD and I know they want bud. i just ask how many songs they want on it. 1 song being 1 joint.
  18. how did i approach him? from the back :devious: and said, Hey, can i give u a call sometime?
  19. i already sort of knew the dude vaguely, so i had my friend who knew him better call and get a bag, i rolled with him, met him, asked if it would be cool to get his number and hit him up for a bag every once in a while. he said yes. i hit him up. been getting good dank bud ever since.
  20. My friend gave me a number, i called it and said i knew *friends name* and asked to pick up.

    But if I were you id do what the other guy said and just ask for his cell or ask one of your friends you smoked with for his number.

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