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How did you find your dank dealer?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dankydank182, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Hey grasscity, Basiclly i'm asking what the title says :hello: How did you find the dealer that you buy dank from? :smoke: In my experience, i have a DEALER/middleman type of guy, but not for dank :mad: Middies, high to low. Found him through my friend, and the first time i bought some of his product,he pinched it. :rolleyes: But it got me messed up off of one bowl so i had to go back for seconds :bongin: Usally very HIGH, close to dank. Hopefully getting dank soon though from a connection who gets his stuff from cali! :metal:
  2. there might be a thread like this...but anyways, my brother introduced me to my main guy. my back up guy was an acquaintance turned drug dealer..
  3. My husband found me my hook up through a friend, and he doesn't even smoke. He used to work for my husband a few years ago. Having a regular, well established hook up is a wonderful thing. :hello:
  4. My bestfriend. I was friends with him before he started dealing, and then when he started dealing he always has dank so im like dope shit
  5. its my ex girlfriend...
  6. Find out you dealers dealer. Then find out who deals to them.
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    Who has only one dank dealer? I would hate that.
    Two were old buddies of mine (they dont know each other but I suspect they buy from the same grower)
    One was introduced to me by one of the previous mentioned dealers. now we're close friends (hes a grower which is pretty neat)
    and my last guy was in my history class stoned as balls when we met lol
  8. I meet all my dealers through friends, or strange random encounters.
  9. College kid, so it's pretty easy to find the hookups. My weight dealer (can get me up to a half pound with about a day's notice) I went to school with since elementary. Then this other guy is from another high school in my home town. This other dude I met through a buddy in class. Bunch of other hookups, met them in any way you can think of.
  10. Sick stories guys :hello: :D I forgot to mention i met this guy who said will sell me cheap dank (which indeed it is) when i smoked him out at the skatepark along with 5 other friends after getting a fresh O of some dank :smoke: Ive been dry for the past few days now though:mad: I need money! :p
  11. 1.friend from high school thats really local
    2.classmate in college that i was introduced to by a mutual friend\
    3. neighboring city connect who usually has high mids and usual fire

    or i just hit up some collectives that ive come to appreciate
  12. I was riding on my bike when a couple kids were like yo watsup. I passed them thinking nothing of it even though i was on my way to ask people for weed when i thought:eek:. I should ask them. One kid was like yea i can hook you up, Middleman with dank! lil' pricey for Mass 20-g but its good enoupgh for now...Have yet to find a mids supplier:rolleyes:.

  13. Haha, that's awesome, it'd be a sick journey to be a bud, just seeing how far away you end up from where you grew.
  14. my girlfriend, who doesnt smoke.

  15. I KNOW! Is anyone thinking what I'm thinking? Cannabis CAM!!!

    This +Rep

    I got my first hookup through my dad well actually I just kind of took it and tried it really I didn't really get that I was pinching my dad. But anyways, I took a T-Break after dad noticed I was pinching his shit and then I finally realized that isn't cool. Then I met my guy and we started smoking together - needless to say I haven't been "sober" since. There are few and far between days that I am dry. My boyfriend's father is a good connect - just recently got some nice homegrown. My boyfriend's ex girlfriends father is a good connect sometimes, although I've been disappointed before. Him and his son are cool dudes - the ex girlfriends just a bitch. We had a connect that we were getting half pounds from back in the winter but he gipped us before so we don't really deal with him anymore. Or other connect was sadly taken down recently at another connects house - caught with 5 pounds :( I really hope everything goes okay cause he's a good dude he don't deserve that shit. Also my cousins are good connects usually but only my dad buys from them I am not trusting them enough not to rip me off, but last and certainly not least is my dad :) Me and my dad have a mutual love of the herb and now that he knows the truth I can comfortably live at home and not hide the love I have so deeply for the herb. I can always be stocked - if one of us is dry the other is there to help through hard times I mean you can't really go wrong with a stoner family.
  16. I shared a locker with a girl in high school, she just so happens to sell that purp now, I never expected that one, she didn't even smoke in hi school
    And another friend from high school, we always smoked mad weed back then but I never in my life thought he would be my dealer
  17. I'm 29 now, and I don't know what the average is but I've had about 8-9 different suppliers at this stage, myself being one of them and hopefully when some things are improved upon I can do away with dealers for good...anyways...

    My most recent guy is pretty cool. I'd say maybe a year or two younger than me at a glance. Has a job. Has a life. etc.
    It was simply an introduction organised through a friend that I ran into, had not seen in quite some time - we had dealt with eachother before, mainly as go-betweens on both sides at various times actually so the trust level between us is pretty implicit.
    He gave me a reference when I needed it, there was no problems whatsoever and the guy has been reliable, polite, fair priced, and getting great stuff ever since.
    I have a back-up dealer...but he's hardly my preference...Met him through simply knowing a lot of potheads at one stage.

  18. :hello:
  19. Sick story! :hello:

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