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how did you find out Santa Claus isn't real?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by The Crunge, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Inb4 "he's not?!"
  2. Snuck into my mom's office and saw all the unwrapped gifts.
  3. 4th grade some dumbass kid found out santa wasnt real, then yelled it out to the whole class shattered my childhood.
  4. I suspected it & asked my parents :s
  5. In third grade a bumch of the big kids that sat in the back of the bus said their parents said he wasnt real. So i went home and asked my pare ts n they were just like yeah hes not real. Since then xmas has never been the same

  6. this is exactly how I found out.
  7. Never fully believed in him , I just liked getting presents from him :)
  8. My friend told me. After asking my Mom, and having her lie to my face saying he was real, was pretty fucking shitty once I realized it all. If I have kids, I'm definitely not going to spend their childhood lying to them telling them all these mythical beings exist. I really see no benefit to telling them such lies and think it's kind of twisted to do so. Just my opinion.

  9. some kid names caleb that used to pick on me in the 4th grade

    he got expelled for smearing turds on the wall

    wonder where he is now
  10. My parents never really tried that hard to hide it.

    I noticed that I got presents at both my grandparents house and my own house, noticed that the presents from my grandparents had the same handwriting as the presents from Santa at their house, and that the presents from Santa at home had the same handwriting as my mom.

    I remember mentioning it one year when... "ya know, it's weird that Santa has the same handwriting as grandma does...! *wait*"
    No one really says anything, they just kinda chuckle.

    "Ooooh... dammit, my entire life is a lie!" :p
  11. But he is. He lives in all our hearts
  12. I'm a smart mother fucker and sloothed that shit out myself
  13. i was in trouble one christmas
    and my dad had someone call and pretend to be santa to say i wasnt getting anypresents

    i was crying so hard

    fucked up....
    i will torture him when he is old

    change your diaper? dad speak up i cant hear you(dads gaged)

    oh look whos on the phone pops? remeber santa right.....right pops

  14. My dad did the same shit!
  15. I've run into a few Caleb's in my life. You just can't trust em lmao
  16. Never believed in Santa
  17. My Mum just admitted it to me one day lol
  18. I kind of always assumed Santa wasn't real but had the, "but what if?" mentality about it.

    Same thing applied to religion.
  19. wrapping paper was the same on my presents from mom, and santa, aswell as my moms handwriting on the nametags (7 years old whne i figured it out)
  20. Surveillance camera. (aka I recorded over my little brother's peewee soccer game video) :D

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