How did you finally lose your virginity?

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    So it took you a while but you finally had intercourse with a female. Share your story! This is not a thread for self pity and validation from other virgins. This is here to help you progress as a person, so pay attention to the stories of those who were once in your position! :)

    I finally lost mine about a week ago. I'm only 18 so I'm still fairly young but I felt like it took forever, just like it took me forever to realize I was going about girls the complete wrong way. Ive known this girl forever possibly 4 years now. We had an intimate relationship for a while. She was one of the first girls I ever made out with and we would hangout and hook up but I was basically still the most pure clueless virgin you ever saw, but she had just moved here and I was the first one to initiate a relationship with her. I ended up getting expelled from school, had nobody else and she was the only one there for me. First mistake, I cared more than her, giving her the power in the relationship. She ended up suddenly cutting all contact from me and not talking to me anymore because of my my insecurity and fear which caused me to be too attached and needy. Fast forward 2 years I take her to prom because her date dumped her and i was there for the rebound and still being my old sexually repressed self she wont even sleep on the same side of the bed as me. Won't hook up. Totally rejected lol. 1 more year I initiate contact with her. We hangout, my frame is that she is trying to win me over because I'm not really fond of her so much. I asserted myself as the person of higher value giving her a chance to makeup for her mistakes. I made sure to project my sexuality on to her the whole time so she knew I was a sexual person but she didn't think it would be easy because of my projected value and mindframe. I took her home and left her wanting more. She called me after I left practically begging me to come back and give her some. I maintained my goal of leaving her wanting more and continued home. The next few days she showed huge interest and the next time we hung out she practically forced herself on me, there was so much sexual tension. My penis was nervous so he wouldnt play. There ended up being about 3 failedcondoms scattered in what would look like a scene from 40 year old virgin. I played it off with confidence and she displayed the embarrassment rather than me as a result! She thought it was something wrong with her! She ended up begging me to try again and even though we were out of condoms this time was a charm. It felt so fucking good. I almost came inside of her but I just exploded on her stomach. Mission accomplished.

    Check out as well as the don Juan bible. This is where I learned everything and now I can finally say I am moving in the right direction. I can hardly believe how i used to act toward women with the thought one would consider being In a relationship or have sex with me XD
  2. Happening soon will make a thread about it when it goes down. Good shit though how long you last?
  3. [quote name='"m18"']Happening soon will make a thread about it when it goes down. Good shit though how long you last?[/quote]

    Like 5 minutes of penetration but that's excluding the blowie and multiple times I fingered her beforehand. I didn't tell her she took my virginity until after it was done. She wouldn't believe me until like the next day haha
  4. I lost mine when I was 13 to a 19 year old, and i'm not trying to get bro'ed up, I am genuinely ashamed of it and wish I had waited until I actually knew what I was doing.
  5. I lost my virginity at....... oh wait just found it
  6. I lost my virginity at 17 with this puerto rican chick high as hell after we just smoked a fat blunt!!

  7. [​IMG]
  8. Lost my virginity to one of my brothers friends at a party at my house when i was 14, she was like 16. That was also the first night i ever got drunk. I remember my brothers gave me a high five the next morning when she walked out of my room haha.
  9. man it was one magical experience. I can't imagine it any differently.

    Got home from a fancy party, had a suit on, she had a cocktail dress.

    Only time I've ever "made love"
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    A girl asked me if I wanted to fuck and I was like..


    felt like trying to fit a square peg in a circular hole...we were doing it wrong, or I am deformed, its up for debate I guess
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    My ex girlfriend. It was fine.. no failed condoms or embarrassment or anything like that lol. I lasted I think ~40 minutes, and that's only because she needed to go. Not bragging but... :cool:

    Its probably because I'm a chronic masturbater though
  12. Ya im going to losing my v-card in about two weeks should I start jackin it more? Any other tips to last longer, or just general shit?
  13. Wait, you fisted her to death?
  14. [quote name='"m18"']
    Ya im going to losing my v-card in about two weeks should I start jackin it more? Any other tips to last longer, or just general shit?[/quote]

    I don't really know man.. all I know is I jerk off like daily and when the time came I had to force myself to get hard haha. Not that she wasn't attractive..

    Definitely jerk off like earlier that day though. That would probably help.
  15. Happened at the start of the fall semester last year, one of my best friends (a chick, known her for over a year) came up to my dorm to party for the night. She planned to sleep over and it was established that she was going to be sleeping in my bed. So even before the night got started I was kinda feeling lucky.

    Any who by the end of the night we were all drunk and high, and people were starting to go pass out. So we went back to my room. My room mate was already out or I asked him to leave or something, I can't remember honestly. Either way he was gone for a while. So we crawled up into my bed. She knew I was a virgin and she knew I wanted to fuck her, I had told her a few times before drunkenly. But it never happened, not even one make out session. I think I simply said "Wanna fuck?" to which she replied "THATS NOT HOW THIS WORKS YOU GOT MAKE THE FIRST MOVE BLA BLA BLA!!!". To which I said "so thats a yes?" and we started making out.

    It quickly escalated as I started to explore, this was the farthest I'd ever gotten with a women after all. I fingered her a little bit before straight up just ripping my pants off. She put a condom on and we fucked. I don't know if it was the whiskey or the condom, but I couldn't feel shit to the point of where i had to ask if it was in when it was 8 inches deep already. So I pulled out and ripped off the condom, then started fucking her again. Still didn't feel much, so after 20 or so minutes of pounding her I gave up. No cum :\. Didn't care though, I was happy enough to have lost my Vcard. I think i ate her out somewhere in there too.

    It was a fun first experience, but it wish it had ended there. The relationship we later had was less than enjoyable, and it ended with me deciding to completely cut her off. Haven't spoken to her since winter break, and I don't think I ever will. Not like I'm missing out on much though, after fucking her a few more times it became apparent that she was a "high mileage" lady. Like, I could do a barrel roll in either direction and still not hit a vag wall. Bleh
  16. I was 14, we were both horny teenagers. Horny teenagers have been known to fuck eachother an awful lot, it's a fact of life.

    You guys seem pretty nervous about losing your virginity (there's no need to be). There's not really any reason to prepare for it, just do it and try not to be drunk when you do.
  17. When I was 17, my ex and I were making out watching some shitty movie and she directed me to her bedroom, where we made out some more. I was rock solid, pulled down my pants and she did the same. We were in missionary position and she grabbed my dick and put it in her. As soon as I stroked it maybe three times I jumped up because I thought her dad came home. I was too paranoid and called it a night (her parents were coming home any second). The second time I did her doggy style and broke her hymen. Got a bloody dick.
  18. Get your kegel muscles ready son. That is the only sure way to last indefinitely. Eat fruits for a while so you can get hard (bananas are my favorite).
  19. i lost mine back when i was 16. my parents made me go to this inpatient drug rehab counseling type thing, there was a fucking beautiful girl in the class, who had some serious issues however ( she was a bit crazy honestly) but i talked to her, and honestly kinda lied about what i was about. went back to her house to help her with this school project. she ends up just getting all close to me and we start making out, ended up fucking her on the WASHING MACHINE , but after a few minutes her mom came down. OMG haha, i was bragging to my friends fort weeks. ( i ended up dating this girl for 8 months, and had some crazy sex haha ) :hello:
  20. This threads going well. I closed for the second time with the girl I lost my vCard tonight. While I was fucking the shit out of her I put the biggest hickey you've ever seen on her neck and she had no idea. I told her after and she got pissed as fuck especially since she had no clue I did it. She also accused me of lying about her taking my virginity again. She said I was way too good already and about how I must not jerk off to porn I just study it.

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