How did you feel the first time you bought weed?

Discussion in 'General' started by Bamboobam, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. I remember feeling nervous and looking around and stuff. As time went on, I realized it was best to play it cool and to act totally normal and not paranoid.

  2. Like I was cool for doing something so badass.
  3. Well I had thrown in money and smoked like 5 times, but never bought my own.
    After smoking 5 times I decided it was time to buy some of my own, so I walked to a park/mini forrest about 10 minutes from my house. I had 40 dollars and a cell phone without a battery in it to put the weed in. (I now realize that an 1/8 would not have fit in it lol)
    I got there and hung out with the five or six people there for about 5 minutes before the cops came. Apparently they had been sitting there smoking for like 45 minutes.
    Luckily I hadn't bought it yet so they just took down my name.
  4. I was so nervous. I actually brought a knife because I was worried about getting stabbed or robbed. After I bought it (it was 1 gram), I felt like a real ass nigga
  5. The very first time I bought it was from a friend i hungout with so it was chill. First time i bought from an actual dealer I was pretty nervous haha Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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    I was jus nervous at what the guy would be like since he was a lot older. my bro introduced me to him and came with tho. I'm lucky to have brothers who smoke lol. just in general in any illegal situation you could meet a variety of people. you might have some crazy ass thug wanna be, and you might have Sal.
    but it felt good to be buying my own weed. I like being independet and dont like to bother ppl til I really have to. it was liberating to find an avenue to get some weed cuz I was pretty damn shy back then
  7. It was from a good friends older sister so just fuckin excited. I would have been paranoid as hell buying froma dealer my first few times.
    yeah same that's what i used to do. i mainly got weed from people my own age (i was 16 back then) so it was completely normal to buy weed, however it wasn't until the 2nd time i smoked to the head that i started to feel the force  :smoke:
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    Walking outta taco bell parking lot like I was the mf shit
  10. Sketched the fuck out. It was in a friends dorm bit the dude just looked shady, and his cloths were kinda dirty. And he didn't even have a bag! Tried to just put some weed in my hand. -_-Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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    Everytime ive bought weed it was chill.. All through the first year of my little bit of smoking in middle school i just had a friend come over and id buy it from them or meet a buddy from school somewhere. But its always been from 'friends' of sorts so i guess thats why :smoke:
    Then again i remember i was getting skimped a lot because i didnt know better.. But after i got in highschool i learned when i bought my first 10 from a different friend and it looked fat as fuck! :hello:
    Actually when i picked up my first half o i felt pretty sketched.. we had to go through someone because my dealer didnt have enough at the time so we went to his dealer to pick it up. It was in some ghetto apartments and i had to just chill outside with some jr i just met (Back when i was a freshman.. FUCK TIME FLYS.) So it was kinda awkward. After i got ahold of the bag i was so happy i just remember showing it off to my elementary school buddy ahahah
  12. Pretty paranoid and just generally sketched out. This was before I realized that my parents were not in fact monitoring everything I do.
  13. I cant recall my 1st time picking up

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  14. This group of kids approached us, they were in Jr. High no doubt.  They started talking about drugs, after I got my weed from the guy we go to some dumb tree house and get high.  I drop off the other two guys, after that was finished I was pulled over by a K-9 unit and they fabricated information to issue out a court ordered warrant after I wouldn't provide information on where I bought the gram of weed.  
    It was lame but worth it to learn I suppose, no officer is there to help the citizens in their state.  Not in Illinois.
  15. I felt gangsta as a mutha fucka!

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