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How Did You Exercise Today?

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by Durchii, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. BAHAHAHAHAHA! This some funny shish kebab! :RoorRip:
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  2. Six steps to the refrigerator is all. Too muddy out to take a hike today.
  3. I experienced it. I burned two joints on the walk and ride home was like 3D.
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    Killin it

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  5. Fuck all.
    Had some *redacted* last night, and still don't feel quite with it today...need to just do nothing...might get a haircut. That will involve a walk.
  6. I'm going to gym. Taking some of that zoomy fuckin' pre-workout crap. Hopefully it doesn't kill me.
    Aiming to do:
    A 10 flight stair machine warm up.
    3 x 14 reps on the chest/pec fly machine, Once forwards, Once backwards. Variable/increasing weight.
    3 x 12 reps on the "hack/weighted squat" machine. Think that's what it's called.
    Some Curls between things.
    3 x 14...whatever the opposite/reverse/pull down side of the seated chest press machine does.
    Some leg stuff.
    Then finish up with a bike ride someplace between 5-10kms, working in a bit of HIIT with that too.

    That'll be it.
  7. 3 miles on the beach off till Monday due to weather
  8. Well...did 90% of what I set out to...timing restrictions. Bit burnt out now.
    Rocking a mean anti-hunger. It's weird.
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  9. Did 2x10 reps of bringing my coffee to my mouth
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  10. With the help of exercise can I lose my weight?
  11. I lift weights at home with a couple days off to rest and build muscle. I walk a few times a day. Today was a rainy day but I still made it work. No excuses :p
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  12. Ran 5 miles in 35 minutes. Yoga. Going to get in at least 60 miles this week.
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  13. 400 sit ups, 420 push ups (not intentional. I have a rest day tomorrow and i just did an extra 20 since i could), 24 pull ups, a mile and a half run and a couple dozen other odds and ends. Currently trying to get up to 100 pull ups and will be adding a swim in as soon as it's warm enough I don't need a wetsuit.
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  14. I lifted my weights today and had one long walk. So far a nice start to the day!
  15. My usual 20 mile bike ride
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    Ran 10 miles in 85 minutes.
    Did a Back workout before the run.

    Deadlifts 250 5 Sets of 20
    100 Pullups 10 sets of 10
    5 Sets 8 Bent Over Barbell Rows 175lbs
    4 Sets 8 Dumbell Rows 80lbs Dumbell
    Upright Dumbell Rows. 5 sets 10 60lbs dumbells
    Good Mornings. 5 Sets 10 150lbs
    Machine Shrugs. 5 sets 20 500lbs
    5 sets of 30 Hyperextensions
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  17. yoga and this 10min ab workout and like 100 crunches
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  18. My usual weights and walks.
  19. 10 min yoga and 100 pushups
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