How Did You Exercise Today?

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by Durchii, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. Mountain bike ride early this morning. Steep climb for a bit over a mile then blazed the downhill run to home
  2. Squats and Shoulder flyes and some Abs.

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  3. I joined the gym on the first and lost eight pounds the first week then gained it all back on my “cheat day” cheat day was like ten thousand calories then a hard week at the job then a weird week where im prolly right back where I was kn February 29th less a few new injuries I seem to have gotten a mew injury every day this march luckily they have been healing up pretty quick but i got one at work last friday morning or thirsday evening thats been bugging me for eight days now .... ready for this one to freaking heal already damnit the pain man the pain But anyways I hit the gym up again last night the night before and today amd will prolly go back tonight..... I doubt I can catch the pros being all natural unenhanced Stoner Slash Strongman .... If I spent as much time training as i do smoking weed id be fucking dead prolly id take it to the extreme toll my heart burst like a starburst and drjve my own hurst in ghost form and wait in line at heavens door filling out an entry form

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  4. Worked in the yard for 5 hrs
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  5. I train with a home gym called The Tower 200. I've read Arnold Schwarzenegger`s bodybuilding books. I'm trying to imitate his workout programs.
  6. Well. I trained my lower body tonight. Tonight's workout was quads, hamstrings, calves, and glutes.
  7. How are you working shoulders?
  8. weights in hands standing palms facing down rasie arms out to ninety degrees at your sides and then lower with control of the weight then raise them straight up in front of you and then again at kindof a halfway point between side and front and also lean forward and do backwards flyes they are called like a butterfly flaps its wings

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  9. Handstand Pushups against the wall on 10 inch blocks are my main shoulder exercise. When you can do 3-5 sets of 10, with a 1 minute 30 seconds rest between sets. Add Weight, and go back down to 6 reps x 3 sets. When you can do 3 full sets of 10. Add Weight.
    Im almost 61. 150lbs/5' 5"
    I also like Power Clean x Military Press with a Bar/and/or Dumbells. Dumbells allow more range of motion.

    Also love Bent Over Lateral Raise.

    You can also be Face Down, on an angled Bench/Incline, and do them that way. Bent over with Cables is also very good.
    Try Stopping at the top, and then act like you are pouring a cup of coffee/tilt front of dumbbell/cable handle forward, and then back, lower/repeat. This activates the Rear/Posterior Deltoid.
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  10. did a push workout, bench,dips,OHP,incline bench.
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  11. I have an awesome workout routine., It's called 'grow your own,' and it entails hauling buckets of water from the only hose bib at the front of my house to the plants growing indoors and in the back, plus hauling planted pots of potted plants in and out of the tent to flush, inspect and/or trim. This accounts for approximately 3000 steps daily (about 1.2 miles). I pick up another mile or so running up and down stairs, doing chores, etc. This works really well for me because I love being physically active, but I hate exercising for its own sake. I want the calories I spend to go to good use. :)
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  12. I rode my bike. It's not always far, but I try to ride the thing every damn day. There's some good stuff pretty close to me to have a bit of fun, it's just about getting off my ass and getting out there. Once I'm away from the house I'm good.

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  13. Yesterday I built a 3 tier planter bed for the garden. Today I got soil, amendments, and plants. Hauling around 20 big sacks, digging out the yard to level where the planter goes, turning the soil and amendments, not to mention a bunch of plants to prettify the yard. I'm sore all over. Wife thinks I'm a dope for working so hard. She's pointed out 'you don't have an off button' about 10 times today. lol
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  15. I am...very slowly getting back into attending gym.
    I'm not about to set a programme, just do some of the things I used to until I get more kind of used to it again. I'm going 3 days a week just now and keeping it to about 30-35 minutes.

    Today was my second session "back".
    I don't know what the things I use are actually called, so enjoy that.
    This machine thing you sit down on, and stretch a hand out on either side of you to grab handles that you have to pull in a circular motion forwards until your hands meet, and back. Did 3 sets of 20 of those. Did 3 sets of the kind of counter motion you can do on the same thing.
    Uh...another machine kind of like the above one with the pins you put in under the weights, this time you reach overhead to a suspended "bar" and pull it down. Two sets of 15 on that.
    Another one where you sit down and push both kind of forward and a very simplistic version of a bench press I suppose? Two more of 15 on that.
    This bicycle for the hands/arms type thing? I find it loosens me up some so I just went solid for about 2 minutes on that.
    Did 1km on moderate speed/difficulty settings on a cross trainer/elliptical.
    Did a 5km ride on what I don't consider to be a "hard" difficulty, but not one a lot of people seem to use. The ride took me like 12 minutes and change. Last time I got things going, I was doing that in about 9:35...will have to try to get back there slowly.

    Right now just trying not to let ego drive the mission or have me hitting it harder than I should...I'm not trying to fail again.
  16. Sadly I lack in repetition..
  17. Well, now's at 31, broke my left leg twice..mortality now I just walk 1-2 hours each day..was f***ed 5 years ago, but now's aight..
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  18. Three mile walk. I really pace it out, so I've lost
    a good bit of my stomach fat over the last couple of months.

    It was cold but I needed the exercise. It's been raining the last few
    days, and I don't walk in the rain or snow.
  19. Going to gym today...I've had a slack week prior so I'm aiming for 4 visits this week, even if one of them is strictly cardio...I think I'll do a 10km ride every one of those days, and maybe 15km with a 5km H.I.I.T on the cardio only day. I guess, I'll walk the dog tonight too.
  20. Two mile hike

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