How Did You Exercise Today?

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by Durchii, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. so what your saying is your gonna take up strecthing! yes thats good for sport.

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  2. that's absolutely not what i'm saying. there is literally no element of stretching in pilates and i already stretch as a habit for years.
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  3. No I haven't...and I should. I've always been lazy about that.
    I'm 59 years old now and I have to do SOMETHING to get in better shape. I've always been 50 lbs overweight and I hate it but my will power is low.
  4. Yes, lifted a very fat and heavy joint to my mouth. My lungs got an excellent workout.

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  5. About 30 miles on the bike with up to about 100lbs of mail.
    I don't know for certain
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  6. POP Pilates: Stretching for Flexibility! (Full 10 min) Pilates Video
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  7. I go for a run every morning before my family wakes up!

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  8. This! ......this is a good one .... I have been doing mostly walking lately after the kids go to school lr when I get aroumd to it usually before ten a.m. for thirty mjnutes or so at a swift walk pace or even jogging I dont usually Run cause its a unnecescary risk of injury
    but the getting up before everybody thing everyday that soumds good im theory... but tiring in reality hahahahah️Rock on Im gonna hit some Calves now

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  9. 6 hrs in the yard today burning wood, composting, cut the grass, windows, cobwebs, and recycling.
  10. I did some body weight moves with the intention of activation not exhaustion. So I would do the moves mentioned below with the focus on holding top, mid or lower position of the moves mixed with some minimal reps. Later I also did about 15minutes of comfortable running in my home made running sandals.

    wall hand stand
    diamond pushups and one-arm pushups
    one legs squat variations
    side plank hold and crunches
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    consider checking out RedDeltaProject on youtube...although the subject is calisthenics and not Pilates, he is very informative and passionate

    the idea i took from him was "muscle tension". This concept combined with something called "greasing the groove" led me to the following conclusion: strength is a function of the nervous system and can be achieved by frequently activating the muscles at low levels. Muscle size has to with intenisty and tiring the muscle to stimulate growth. So pilates or any other muslce engaging exercise will require you to learn how to manipulate tension through your body which will strengthen it although it might not make you look very bulky.

    studies have also shown strength increases just by using the imagination, which again points to nervous system activation via the mind.
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  12. 3 miles on the beach with the dogs and bowling tonight with my grandpa.
  13. 45FCF780-794F-42D0-A77A-BA1A8835A2EC.jpeg Another walk on the beach with the dogs and cleaned the house.
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  14. Did some walking jump rope bike sometimes food you know
  15. I used to write my workouts down then the fan
  16. I've also been doing Jim Stoppani’s 12 Week Shortcut to Size programme and have been seeing some incredible results.
    So far completed 11 weeks with one more week left! I've noticed an increase in strength by approximately 10% on the exercises he included that would focus on strength as well as packed on more size across the board with noticeable development on my upper chest, back and legs. My calves have grown significantly too!
  17. Nothing better than finishing a long hike with a joint! :)

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