How Did You Exercise Today?

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  1. havent been on these forums in ages but

    chest and back 10 sets each

    tomorrow hitting the bike a bit then tris bis shoulders
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    This mornings workout was outside, with a combination of running, and bodyweight exercises.

    Also consider I'm 59. I cant keep training partners. Ive been working out for 40 years.

    I live next to a nice park. Its 1.20 miles around.

    I start at the corner, run 1/4 mile around the park, and then run into the grass to the playground.

    I did.
    10 Pullups on the handbars hands facing away, while still holding on, I did 10 Straight Leg Hanging Leg Raises. Toes touch the Bar youre gripping. Stop at the top, lower Very Slowly. No Cheating.

    Let go ran over to the Monkey Bars, and did 12 Dips.

    Ran over to the swings. Sat on the ground where 1 of the supporting angled metal poles goes up 15 feet to the top. I climb with hands only grabbing on the pole as LOW as possible, feet straight out. Like rope climbing. Go up, come down slowly, go up gain, Lower Slowly. Do that until you can hold on anymore.

    Ran over the Indian Mounds. Ran another 1/4 mile through the grass.

    Next is Handstand pushups against a tree. 10 reps. Run another 100 yards, and do 10 Close Hand Pushups. 10 reps.

    Run 100 yards to the Par Course. 10 Hanging leg raises on the Rings x no rest 5 skin the cat. No Rest 6 pullups, no rest 10 Dips

    Run another 1/2 mile back to the start of the course.
    Total of 4.8 mile run.
    I did this 4 times yesterday in 43 minutes and change.

    I look for pain as fast as possible, and try to see how long I can last, until it either becomes unbearable, or I simply just go to failure.
    I only do failure training during certain Cycles/Periods of my yearly training cycle. Everything is planned out in advance, based on my previous performance. I go in 10 week Cycles/Periodization.

    I maintained a 175 bpm heart rate for the 43 minutes. I also do a lot of stretching. 45 minutes a day at least. oetimes a whole 2 hours workout of nothing but stretching. I love stretching.

    I recommend

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  3. Been feeling super out of whack and busy this week. Haven’t practiced in over a week and starting to feel my body tense up.

    Practiced yoga this morning and felt so much better. My goal for this year is to advance my practice and master the primary series by the end of the year.

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  4. :dance2:Horizontal pulls
  5. 200 Front kicks
    200 Side kicks
    100 Hook kicks
    200 Round kicks
    15 minutes of chamber holds
    Half an hour of jump rope
    Half an hour of pop locking to Lyndard Skynard
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    Today Off.


    Went to the YMCA 2x. 1st time at 6am until 8:30am.

    They have an Olympic Pool. They also have a rubberized floor in the deep end and am able to lift weights underwater. I also use often, but not always a Weighted Belt to keep me on the bottom.

    I did Clean, and Press, Front Squats, Still Leg Deadlifts, Deadlifts. Abs. Workout lasted 1 hour. Mainly speed type training. Lighter weight, moved fast. 5 Sets of 3 Reps each Exercise. Abs incl

    Then I swam 1 hour nonstop. I go by time, not distance. I also do different strokes. But don't stop. Then I tread water 15 minutes.

    After that I do 5 reps of holding my breath for 1 minute each time in the deep end, no weight belt.

    Went back at 6PM, and did Stair Master for 1 Hour. No Holding On.

    At 59, my resting heart rate is 39 BPM when I get up in the morning. Walking around its around 52.

    I also measure my heart rate every morning during intense training.

    I get a weekly average, and if it goes 4, or more beats per minutes past the weekly average, 4 days in a row, I back the training off a bit.

    I also usually stretch 5 hours a week.
  7. I walk for almost 2 hours daily. Extreme exercise makes me dizzy I even fainted a couple of times. However I feel like my legs are getting toned but my upper body isn't. Anyone experience dizziness while working out?
  8. Only the usual 30 miles on a bike. Got like 10 still ahead of me.
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  9. Today was bulgarian split squat day, so i just do a bunch of reps and add weight until i can only do 1 rep with the weight. then i did single leg jumps. trying to correct a imbalance of my left leg being weaker.
  10. You need to stay more hydrated not enough water. An your in the hot sun without a hat doesnt help
  11. I have a bad back so if I work out to hard the pain turns to nausea and I get wobbly. But never passed out I’m not trying to push myself that hard.
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  12. I borrowed my brother's stationary bike.
  13. I picked garden weeds and threw grass seedyesterday
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  14. I dont remember.

    Hydroponic Organic Science Stuff
  15. I start with compound movements focusing on my targeted muscle group, build up to working weight then lift heavy with low reps (I.e squats, deadlifts, overhead press , or bench) and I usually do two exercises that hits the muscles I want.
    After that I do a circuit:
    10 minutes total at 1 minute intervals. 1 minute I skip rope, the next minute I fill in with a exercise (box jumps, overhead carries, push-ups, medicine ball squats etc), then back to the rope, rinse and repeat.

    The circuit exercise can be anything - push-up , pull-ups, box jumps, overhead carries etc as long as you hit ur rep range and keep active.

    Works for me. Body looks and feels great. I’m not a big guy but I train mainly just so I can keep body healthy and happy. Being biggest, strongest or leanest is no longer what I aim for and I’ve never been more confident in the gym.

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  17. I was late for the bus this morning, so had to run as quickly as I can to be in office on time. That was my morning workout
  18. My right arm fucked up so I can't do much with it cept for wall pushups, but can't put no weight on it. Some high-intensity cardio for 10 minutes, 10 minutes heavy bag (left arm only), 10 minutes abs. Skipping my normal routine push-ups and pull-ups etc. and will likely skip boxing lessons cause of the arm. Gonna be a rest day for me I think.
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    500 full squats. No Weights in 28 minutes.

    No Rest

    1000 standing Calf Raises in 36 minutes. No Shoes on. NO Weights.

    200 Wide Grip Pullups. All the way up, Hold 1 sec. Lower to full, stop stretch, repeat. No Jerking ect. Gets to the point where I can only do 1-2 in this form. Very, Very intense if you don't cheat. 30 seconds rest between sets. Max.

    Later on I'll do 30 minutes of stretching.
    Usually in the Spring - Summer I concentrate on endurance training, and in the Fall-Winter do more weights.

    Also a big fan of Plyometrics, as this type of explosive training develops the type that go first. WHITE FIBERS.
    We lose our ability for explosive movement as we age, and doing these types of exercises are the only way to stimulate these fibers.

    Look up Sarcopenia. But most any type of resistance training working within certain rep ranges will be beneficial, and even in the elderly a change of converting protein, to energy has been observed in as little as 2 weeks.

    I also cycle my workouts, depending on what time of year it is, and what I want to accomplish. Ive also been working out Hard since 1978.

    Im 1 of the few runners, who also likes/LOVES to lift weights, as much as I do running, or you could say Im a person who loves to lift, but likes/LOVES to run as much as I do lift. Im a grind it out type of person, and have to watch myself, as I tend to push myself to hard, to often, so if I cycle, you do certain things in the cycle, at certain intensities ect, and gives me structure.
    I used to do roofing all day back in the 80s, and then come home, and run 10 miles, and really the carrying shingles up and down all day, was easier than what Id do to myself in the gym.

    I also love to train until failure, do 2 Forced Reps, 1-2 Negatives... Strip Off 50% of the weight as fast as possible, and Repeat. You also have to have reliable training partners, and cant train like this for longer than 10 weeks. But I do my Warmup Sets,,,,,,, and Only Do 1 Work Set, of each exercise in this Fashion. Rep Range will be 6-8 on Upper Body, and 8--15 for legs.

    Even though Im almost 60, I still run no less than 20 miles a week, depending on the cycle, and sometimes up to 50 miles/wk. I used to run much more, and have done 5 marathons, but have been done with that for decades, though Im not averse to sometimes having a 15 miler in the cycle, n late summer.
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