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How Did You Exercise Today?

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by Durchii, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. havent been on these forums in ages but

    chest and back 10 sets each

    tomorrow hitting the bike a bit then tris bis shoulders
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    This mornings workout was outside, with a combination of running, and bodyweight exercises.

    Also consider I'm 59. I cant keep training partners. Ive been working out for 40 years.

    I live next to a nice park. Its 1.20 miles around.

    I start at the corner, run 1/4 mile around the park, and then run into the grass to the playground.

    I did.
    10 Pullups on the handbars hands facing away, while still holding on, I did 10 Straight Leg Hanging Leg Raises. Toes touch the Bar youre gripping. Stop at the top, lower Very Slowly. No Cheating.

    Let go ran over to the Monkey Bars, and did 12 Dips.

    Ran over to the swings. Sat on the ground where 1 of the supporting angled metal poles goes up 15 feet to the top. I climb with hands only grabbing on the pole as LOW as possible, feet straight out. Like rope climbing. Go up, come down slowly, go up gain, Lower Slowly. Do that until you can hold on anymore.

    Ran over the Indian Mounds. Ran another 1/4 mile through the grass.

    Next is Handstand pushups against a tree. 10 reps. Run another 100 yards, and do 10 Close Hand Pushups. 10 reps.

    Run 100 yards to the Par Course. 10 Hanging leg raises on the Rings x no rest 5 skin the cat. No Rest 6 pullups, no rest 10 Dips

    Run another 1/2 mile back to the start of the course.
    Total of 3.6 mile run.
    I did this 4 times yesterday in 43 minutes and change.

    I look for pain as fast as possible, and try to see how long I can last, until it either becomes unbearable, or I simply just go to failure.
    I only do failure training during certain Cycles/Periods of my yearly training cycle. Everything is planned out in advance, based on my previous performance. I go in 10 week Cycles/Periodization.

    I maintained a 175 bpm heart rate for the 43 minutes.
  3. Been feeling super out of whack and busy this week. Haven’t practiced in over a week and starting to feel my body tense up.

    Practiced yoga this morning and felt so much better. My goal for this year is to advance my practice and master the primary series by the end of the year.

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