How did you come across the city?

Discussion in 'General' started by xericx, May 3, 2006.

  1. I started on here when I was looking on google for 'you know your a stoner when...' jokes. This forum came up and I started looking at it. I've loved it here ever since:p

    How did you come across the city?

  2. someone i use to talk to pointed me in the citys direction, i mostly come here and read threads ect. Loved the site ever since i first visited.
  3. i did a google for like some fucked up vid or something and the vid was linked through the city and i got really into the city b/c I had just started smoking and so I joined up and have not looked back since. I love the city. :D JOE>
  4. A lot of people used to mention on it overgrow. When that was shutdown, I lurked here for a little while before joining. :)

    Awesome place. Very relaxed, everyone I've talked to seems friendly as hell. :)
  5. after the third time I smoked pot I decided that I wanted to do it regularly. I didn't know a great deal about marijuana, so I researched some on the internet and found that a great deal of misinformation had been spread through the mass media concerning most drugs.

    A short while later I acquired Greg Green's "Cannabis Grow Bible" which listed Overgrow, amongst other websites, as a good reference website. I went to overgrow, but it seemed too extensive for a beginner like me who barely toked up.

    I started researching cannabis cultivation after that so I would be up to speed and started looking into seedbanks, but I was lost. At some point during my internet searches I came across the GC and lurked around for about a year and a half, just looking at the grow info that came across, but due to paranoia never joined or posted. GC is one of the major reasons I even know about the differentiation between pipes and other smoking devices now, though it isn't the only place that has made me aware of it.

    Finally at some point I joined, but I didn't start posting regularly till about eight months ago when I made the decision to toke up daily. Been here at least once a day ever since and I usually make two to five posts a day, though more recently.
  6. i ordered from here a long time ago, and i stopped smoking for a while. one day i was poking around on here and just signed up!
  7. OG shutdown and i needed a new weed site
  8. I never gave a shit about forums...then i went online looking for some glass because all we got in the cuntree is roodeepoo headshops, further more discovering the land of Grasscity. First forums i found to be unique.
  9. I dont really remeber, Ive been reading the forums since 2001. I think I found it after I said fuck yahooka and was lookin for a new forum
  10. i smoked bud, then decided i wanted to look at pipes, every other site sucked compared to this one, and at that time i didnt know what a forum was so i clicked on the forum thing at the top n thought it was pretty cool so i joined using the name i used for rapping, which was negligent... and here i am, a little over 3 years later from starting doin drugs n i've already done everything n know wats good haha
  11. I started smoking weed when I was 17 and I needed a pipe. Couldn't get one anywhere else due to me being underage so I googled it can this place came up. They seemed willing to ship to me no questions asked so huzzah here I am.
  12. Been coming here for YEARS before i signed up, used to come and look @ the pipes and bongs and shit.

    Eventually i wondered to the forums, and signed up
  13. I was browsing bongs for fun.

    I cam across Grasscity because it's an awesome shop and i just started posting on the forums.
  14. I literall typed "marijuana forums" into google......yup im creative ;)

  15. i was surfing google for pieces on showed up i clicked on saw they had a forum been here ever since.:p
  16. exactly what i was gonna say
  17. i stumbled upon grasscity when i was looking for info on how grow and i guess i just never left the city :smoke:
  18. I found the city in a most obscure way...

    I searched "Marijuana Forums" on :D
  19. i dont remember what exactly i searched for but it was threw google

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