How did you celebrate Osama's death?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TeamLemke420, May 3, 2011.

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    I smoked an eight of dank with my friends, while driving around yelling "FUCK YEAH" and setting off illegal fireworks.

    At one point I accidentally threw a firework close to a police car while smoking a bowl. I thought for sure that we were screwed, but he just smiled and waved us along. It pretty much went down like this... Cop::wave: Me::eek: Cop::D Me::smoke:

    What did you all do to celebrate the demise of a monster?
  2. Well that's a terrible story^^^^
  3. So far just a little smoking/vaping. I was surprised not to hear any fireworks last night around where I live, but Manhattan was alive with celebrations at Times Square and Ground Zero.

    Great day, though - we've been waiting for almost ten years for that bastard to be captured or offed. It's a gigantic relief.
  4. Why would anyone want to celebrate death?
  5. Well I think this is a pretty self-explanatory case, but maybe that's just me:rolleyes:
  6. Wild sex and a bottle of Old English.
  7. I guess you have some issues with justice for a murderous swine of a man?
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    I lost a relative in to terrorists, so I have good reason to be happy.
  9. Smoked a few bowls, then went downtown dressed in America clothes, some of my friends even wore American flags and had a few drinks. Made the local news as well.

  10. lol, or maybe he has issues with solving violence with more violence?
  11. i decorated a pine tree with colorful balls, lights and garland.
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    How do we know he's 'dead'? They immediately so called 'buried/ dumped' him in a sea? The man we've been 'searchin' for for 10 years. Just throw him off of a side of a ship really? Cmon guys.
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    Or maybe he is just a puss.

    I mean look, some bad people need to be killed. No it's not all nice and rosy, but it's the truth.

    It is called justice. And as Americans we are entitled to "Liberty and Justice for ALL" We got our justice.

  14. Hey, if somebody is a Pacifist I respect that - but he didn't spell it out.

    People who were directly affected by 9/11, and many who were further away physcailly and emotionally, have a right to be relieved that bin laden is not going to kill any more - and that's something to feel good about.
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    It's actually Muslim tradition to bury their dead immediately, if they had not done this there would have been many angry people, something we don't need after killing an icon like Osama.
  16. I dunno, I feel like I'm crazy for being grossed out by it though!



  17. You tards are never happy.

    The short form birth certificate wasn't good enough.

    The long form birth certificate was faked.

    And now Bin Laden isn't really dead.

    Geeze you people are idiots.
  18. He didnt kill anyone.

    He may or may not have thought of a plan to kill people which he did not even carry out himself.

    I wish I could get credit for things happening that I had thought of already...

  19. Seems so raw and barbaric in a way, I love it :smoke:

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