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how did ya!?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Stylez, Mar 13, 2003.

  1. How did YOU find grasscity?
    everyone probably has there own lil story..

    me, a friend of mine, mike, was growin plants n came here alot, showed me one day, I started lookin at the bowls n stuff, then saw wow they have forums!
    so went, posted, and came to where I am now. seems like a long time ago, but was only a few months :p
  2. lookin for a good online headshop and found it....with this GREAT forum!
  3. i think i typed something into google...or was looking for pipes or something..all i know is that i was stoned.
  4. i was looking for bongs. went to the shop and saw the forum. decided to check it out, liked what i saw, and joined up. :D
  5. Amanita posted about it on a newsgroup I frequent. I spend more time here than I do at the newsgroup, now.
  6. I heard about it from yahooooka.... :smoke:
  7. What Critter said!
  8. lookin at bubblers and somehow stumbled into the forum.....
    i dont know probably google or something
  9. i may be thinking of another site but i think i found out bout grasscity in high times , if i remember right it was in the pot 40 in the back. I could be thinking of another site though, if i am then i dunno how i found this site.
  10. i typed in pipes, cus i was gonna order one from online, and a whole list of web sites that sell them, came up, and i clicked on grasscity, checked it out, and joined... best fucking web site ever!
  11. Uhh... i forget... i think Stylez told me about it... and also i remember lookin at mike's plants when he posted on here... (PS2MAN) or something like that. I really dont like the kid as a person tho... one of them Nazi anal type dicks.
  12. I was looking around online for a piece and then saw that they had forums. I don't remember what question I had at the time, but I asked a question and then just started browsing the forums all the time.
  13. Critter and a few others.
  14. i dunno, just randomly fell into it...
  15. the force!

    you know this place oozes karma, it just sucks you in!

  16. critter brought me here.
  17. It was the coffeshop back then and I did a search for something having to do with weed and I found it that way!
  18. went to digit's house... thought oooh a nice little site with a kewl community, i will register and speak lotsa shit and whadya know i do (i dont purposly speak shit, just re-read things and think what a fool i am)
  19. oddly enough, I found this website before I even heard of Yahooka, even though I was doing a search on hookas....haha, the irony.
  20. I got sick of yahooka and the forums and actually specifically searched for a marijuana oriented forum. Once I found the city I quickly dropped my bad lurking habit and started posting.

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