how did we forget cod 4?

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  1. i was fucking stoned earlier and i was just peeking through my games and i saw cod 4 so i put it in and that was the greatest time ever. i fucking love that game, first game went 32 and 5 so much fun.:rolleyes:
  2. I guess because it's just another CoD game.
  3. I've poured more of my blood sweat and tears into Cod4 than any other Cod and I've played every Cod since the second one.

    I'm right with you. Awesome game---
  4. It's not "just" another CoD game. It was THE cod game. First one to do the 3,5,7 killstreak. Simple system. The rest after are all carbon copies. I think MW3 will be the last CoD to sell insanely well before people start to wake up and realize it's a crappy game.

    I still love World at War though. Probably the darkest of the series. Such a haunting soundtrack.
  5. Right on, I'm a cod4 "aborigine" I loved playing that online. Shit, come to think of it, "district" "pipeline" dont work, and "crash" is a coin toss on whether or not my system will shut down.
  6. Yea i bought cod 4 like 2 months after waw came out because all my friends loved Cod 4 and said waw sucks. I was fucking addicted. Errday for like 7 hours after school. Like the last month i played it before mw2 came out i would go like 15-0 in every search and destroy match. I was crazyyy i think im gonna go buy it lol
  7. love the days of cod 4. too bad my xbox tipped and scratched a ring into it :/
  8. Call of duty will go the way of rock band and guitar hero. Gimmicks
  9. CoD 4 was one of my favourite. Still play it from time to time.
  10. Nobody forgot Cod4.

    The rest of the series can suck a fat one, but CoD4 was as close to perfection as you can get.
  11. Oh yeah. Everyone in this thread has just about the same good stance.

    CoD4 was possibly the best CoD. I loved UO and 2, but I had so many fun times on 4 it isn't even funny. The last extremely good CoD game. Modernized it but still took skill to play.

    And WaW is still pretty good, though. My favorite part of CoD4 was playing private match games with friends, like Michael Myers, Cops and Robbers, or Border Control. The glitches actually made the game a lot funner. Bounces and elevators were great.

    [ame=]YouTube - ‪CoD4 PC: TUTORIAL: The Pipeline Bounce Jump‬‏[/ame]
  12. Best COD by far , I was a 55 10th prestige , non of the other games even come close to being as good. Except for cod2 , that game was the shit
  13. World at war was my shit. I have played all of them since then but that was the only one I played the shit out of and enjoyed gaming online. After that for some reason I just kind of fell of the Call of Duty bandwagon
  14. i started with CoD2 THAT had the best multiplayer. then CoD4 of course. but man... CoD2 was what hooked me into the series :smoke: so much fun. so much time spent playing that game.

    i'm a 55 10th prestige in CoD4 though :cool:
  15. Black ops was shit, good story mode, horrible online play.. cod4 is still up top
  16. COD4 was and is the shit. I'll also agree that COD2 is underrated. I love just getting stoned every once in a while and just messing noobs up on there.
  17. People say MW2's campaign made no sense, but I ask if it didn't then how the helll did Black Ops make sense? :laughing:

    Ah, I wasn't trolling in my first post guys, I love CoD4, infact I'm playing MW2 and Black ops for MP.

  18. yeah it's funny their story improves but online gameplay does NOT

  19. False COD 4 is the best game ever, hands fucking down
  20. Agreed, best game EVER! I also liked MW2, hope MW3 will keep up!

    lvl 55 10th prestige here too, think i got like 22-24 days ingame :D

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