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How did this happen?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by txncanna, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Background: 8x12x9 grow room sealed except for window unit ac/htr
    2 afg (100% ind for RSO) 1 amn trance and one mega jp
    afg top buds look fine...

    amn tr is a weird one but again, looks ok...

    But how did mjp end up like this?! 3rd pic

    Guess if I had "wanted" seeds, I did hit the jackpot. But can't figure...just one of the 4 girls in the room?
    afg.JPG amntr.JPG mjp.JPG
  2. Most likely it "Hermied" out on you.
  3. There's probably a male flower or nanner in there somewhere. I've been having that alot lately, even on strains I've been growing a while. My thought is stress and I'm working on changing my routine to lessen it.

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  4. After it dries, you can still make some killer edibles out of it: decarb (240 F for 40 min with verifying thermometer), grind to powder, mix into the oil of any recipe or into nutella/nut butter, and bake/use. This is about twice as strong as making strained butter first.
  5. Considered the "hermied"...couldn't find evidence on any of the 4 girls. Thought maybe a neighbor somewhere tried "outdoor" and pollen came in through AC, but why just 1 of 4?
    Not familar with nanner. But they all did go through a 2 week or so period when PH meter went down. (not all distilled water is 7.0)
    Thanks to all of ya for the responses! And cool deal Bill! (say that 3 times fast) May give that a try, and you'd recommend removing all seeds before grinding?
  6. I had a couple plants hermie on me because of nutes, light stress, wrong pH, too many plants in hydro, don't know which.
    Edibles don't care whether there are seeds.
    Because of those seeds, each cola will have a bit less thc than usual, and the stress that caused them has probably harmed quality a bit.
    My hermied plants made edibles that were about 2/3 as strong as un-hermied plants, and I was too lazy to even consider removing seeds.
  7. It still smokes just fine. I smoked plenty of seedy bud in my youth. I got really stoned. You just have to take the seeds out first.

    To this day I have a spidey sense for seeds. I cant detect a single seed in a large bowl within a few hits.
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  8. Hey Tbone..bet most of the members here have never felt the pain of having a burning seed pop and burn the shit of your face!! LOL..
    I used to roll joints and always missed one or 2 seeds..(Hardly anyone ground up their weed back then, and the only rolling machines I remember were the old Laredo cigarette rollers..LMAO))
    Like you, most of the weed I smoked back in the day was loaded with seeds and still smoked just fine;)
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  9. Funny stuff! Been a user 45 yrs...remember the fire popping out and landing on my lap while driving. Got an old pickup that still has little holes in the seat. :rolleyes::)
    Thanks again guys!!
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  10. Update. You were right. Watched trics, harvested, some of the best Sativa quality ever. Great buzz with munchies like I haven't had in years. Even gives me the giggles. :smoke::gc_rocks:
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  11. Excellent..
    "Great buzz" eh....must belong to me .. Buzzer....send it over...LMAO!!

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