how did they do that?

Discussion in 'General' started by nerd, Jun 2, 2003.

  1. ordered some seeds from Dutch-seeds for a friend with his
    credit card, his address and email etc from my PC. They
    sent email back to him and said NO. and they had MY name
    in the Email. How did thet do that? Did they get into my
    PC durring the order? How did they do that?
  2. maybe their you! or even worse, maybe your them!
  3. they had ur first and last name?

    i know that u can pretty easily get someone's computer name... so if u named ur computer ur name, then if they wanted to they could get that. but i duno why any site would really wanna do that for. or why u would name ur computer after ur full name. thats all i can think of right now
  4. well if you join up to messageboards etc. or use Kazaa they got you're name. 'cos anytime you use your computer on the net it sends and IP adress wich just tell what computer etc. is in case but when you use for example kazaa your computer is being monitored and there's this soft called "spyware" that may be installed to your computer without you noticing it, it's an simple programm that profiles your interenet behavior what sites you visit etc. and if you join to something or just tell your name in the net it's put on to that profile too and linked to your IP adress. or so I've heard
  5. You're being probed!

    Just be glad it's not a probe of the anal variety.

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