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How did it feel?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Rahmer, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. #1 Rahmer, Jan 27, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 27, 2009
    Today I smoked for the 2nd time. My first time actually high.. It was crazy and pretty fuckin awesome, but it was kinda freaky. I was like tingling and shaking everywhere. Everything tasted good and movies we watched where funny as crap.. How is it for you? What does it feel like? :wave:

    Edit: Yeah thanks for the posts. I had the munchies like no other... it was crazy
  2. lighter and fuckin hungry i cant explain it im deffinetly a giggle high i laugh at fuckin everything
    i can taste every food amazingly
    i see colors verry vibrantly,
    i feel wind as millions of pins slightly touching me,
    every sudden movement i make,the entire world moves with me,
    and no mater what anyone says,
    im still pretty much happy
  4. everynight where im stressed out i smoke a few bowls and then i can eat a snack and fall asleep lol or when i got a headache it really helps and its alot faster than asprin (and safer) i love the herb and i love getting high im lifted shifted felling so gifted baby you know im high haha
  5. Hehe congrats on officially getting high for the first time. Basically when I'm super high with friends almost everything we do is fun, even setting out on an adventure late at night/early morning for munchie food! We mess around crack jokes, munch out, watch movies, go to a party, think about shit, and feel good as hell while doin it :D I prefer indica strains (those are the ones that give you more of a strong body high) because it feels so good and everything is comfortable.
    keep on tokin :smoke:
  6. also when i drive the speed limit usually about 30 i feel like im driving about 95
  7. first time i was high was filled wit uncontrollable laughter, messed up depth perception, amazing feelings through my body. wish i could get that high again ahhahah
  8. Hah my first one that I remember was when I was 17 and I smoked out of my friends acrylic bong. That was a crazy one, my vision was closing in on me, laughing uncontrollably, music sounded was a good time, then we spilled that nasty bong water...fuck.
  9. Take a long T-Break bro.
  10. I've only smoked a few times, been smoking more recently.

    First time I got high my vision was pausing, and like in frames when i turned. And things seemed like they were repeating (sounds, feelings). I wasnt expecting anything like that, at the time i thought it was laced or something lol

    I love listening to music, i feel like i can hear each seperate instrument more clearly

    I also like eating things or mixes of things that probably dont sound so good sober haha
  11. Iono how to describe it.. usually get a great body buzz, tunnel vision, food tastes better(creme filled crumpets..the best), and if your really high you lose sense of time and space out..
  12. Yeah that is exactly how I felt my first time, I laughed at everything, even stupid things that weren't the slightest bit funny. Me and my other friend, whom it was his first time too, and feeling the same as me, made these disgusting pancakes with Hot Cocoa mix and Cap'n Crunch in the batter. We made one huge pancake by just pouring all of the batter into a frying pan. It didn't even cook all the way and it turned out like purple semi-cooked gloop when we put it on plates. We were super hungry though and it was just so funny at the time, so we just ate it.

    It was fun..
  13. Ah yes, the first time you get high. there's literally never a high like it again (well i've never tried an extremely long t-break but i imagine its still not the same)

    I was sooooooooooooooo hungry and thought everything was so hilarious

    Those were the days :smoke:
  14. You people that get intense highs.. i recommend not starting to smoke a lot and only smoke in moderation.. otherwise you'll build a tolerance and then it blows. :( lol.
  15. Sounds exactly like my first time.. Tingly and shakey... It stops once you smoke more.
  16. Sounds like my first high too :p

    getting high for the first time is awesome but also scary, i really cant remember much of it because my mind was so preoccupied with everything around me

    but its an amazing world when you get high in the right places and times and with the right people

    i have so many different highs, lol
    my favorites are just chillin talking about life and getting all philosophical and my second favorite is being with nature
    yes i know im just a regular ole hippie lol

    but either way possibilities are endless

    just remember to bring your journey's provisions (eyedrops for red eye, water for cotton mouth, food for munchies and friends for laughter)

    and avoid getting high alone, WORST thing to do when youre bored
    and stay away from other drugs!!

    just my 2¢
    happy highs :smoke:
  17. the first time i got high was right before school one day when i was like 15-16, i didnt notice much while we were smoking but we were outside in the freezing cold, as soon as we walked into the school though it hit me. man it felt like nothing ive ever experianced before, i fell in love with it and 7 yrs later im still smoking.
  18. First time high was an amazing feeling. I was taking a walk, felt like I just walked a whole marathon. I was really creative and made these elaborate long stories on absolutely nothing. Pretty fun experience

  19. Lmao that sounds like my first high. And yea weed tends to enhance all senses.
  20. That's what happenes to me too.

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