how did i not just get busted by the cops?!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Cannadian, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Ok this story happened to me last weekend. Damn I got lucky.

    So I'm driving back from a jam sesh with some friends and a conversation sparks up about our pasts: we were just talking about how seemingly small decisions made when younger had dramatic impacts upon the ways our futures unfolded.

    Anyways, we decide to carry on the convo so we park the car 5 mins out of the suburbs in the country, pull out the bong, and start smoking/listening to music/carrying on the conversation: note that we had about an oz on us...

    Anyways, 30 minutes later my friend suddenly starts freaking out a bit: there's a cop car pulled up literally right behind us, lights off, and nobody has any idea when he got there or how long he's been there for, but we're pretty sure he's seen us passing the bong around.

    So we quickly hide the weed in the back and I hide the bong under my seat which still has a half-bowl in it and we are trying to think of what to do.

    A couple minutes later he comes and knocks on our window and the proverbial cloud of marijuana smoke poured out. He asks us what we're doing out here, if we have been doing drugs, if we have any drugs on us etc: we deny everything and say we're just chatting.

    Cop grabs our IDs and while we're waiting in the car we decide to open the windows and all of us whip out cigarettes to override the weed smell for when he gets back.

    Anyways - backup came, and a different officer came to speak with us telling us to just tell the truth and that the k9 unit was just around the corner. We deny everything, and one of my more charismatic friends somehow flares up a conversation with the officer, and after a few minutes of explaining that we were just out having a smoke and talking about our childhoods he let us go.

    Damn I was near shitting myself the entire time lol.
  2. That's some lucky shit man. Good you have friends that can get out of a pickle pretty fast.I can do it occasionally.

    Have a nice day.
  3. Fuck bro that's crazy.One time me and this dude were walking down my street and three cop cars stopped and two of the guys got out.One started searching me without asking I had about a gram and a half on me in my pocket out of the bag.I know he seen it and damn sure felt it.He kinda shoved it back in my pocket and said I was good to go.

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