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How Did I Do

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by smokecrown, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. hows my bud?


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  2. u do gewd. not a super potent strain but definitely better than mids.
  3. Looks like some grit weed.
  4. whats grit weed?
    this is pretty dank in my area
  5. [quote data-cid='18163116' name='smokecrown' timestamp='1370375764' post='18163116'][quote data-cid='18163055' name='Weedpack' timestamp='1370375168']

    Looks like some grit weed.

    whats grit weed?

    [quote data-cid='18162896' name='RvginATL' timestamp='1370373257']

    Grit weed is usually when people mix glass with weed to make it weigh more (or thats what I know it as anyway)

    Tbh looks like mids, but if it gets you high and taste good then its grand haha

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  6. its cool. looks like it gives a wicked mind high
  7. looks like a good mid to me

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