how did he feminize these seeds

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  1. one day a good friend of one of my friends, gave him a nug of LA Confidential that he grew himself in soil. i looked up the strand and the pics looked very similar so i think it's the real thing. also my friend said his buddy knows what hes talking about and has a lot of experience so im pretty sure there is no bs. he doesnt live by us and we dont like to contact him about anything to do with this because he lives in a state that doesnt have medical mj. so we only talk to him when he visits making communication difficult. anyways, he said the nug he gave us had some seeds, plant them, and order the soil kit from htg supply and a grow tent. we did this and it's been almost 2 months total. im nothign but fucking amazed by the results. a few days ago the plants started showing signs of flowering. very few little pistols with white hairs coming out. out of all 12 plants, havent seen any pollen sacs.

    my question is, how did he do this. i mean a normal seed has a 50-50% chance male/female right? feminized 99.9% female right? im assuming with the odds, they must have been feminized seeds. i just dont like to take anyones word unless i actually see for myself. how do you do this? think i read before somewhere that its all about collecting the pollen at the right time, and brushing it on the female buds with a thin paint brush(so it dont spread too far) at the proper time. is this accurate? shtis amazing, how? who would have though genetic research and such could be so interesting
  2. when a hermaphrodite plant pollinates a female plant the result is all female seeds.
  3. ...and hermaphrodites.
  4. yes, very true. The chance of hermaphrodites from those seeds is very high.

    There won't be any males though. :D
  5. OP might consider looking into cubing, or other advanced techniques for breeding. There is a breeding section in the advanced grow section, OP should check it out. This is a question that a few people in there would be able to elaborate on more completely. (how fem'd seeds get to be fem'd)

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