How Did Booger in Revenge

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  1. of the Nerds 2, Nerds in Paradise how was he able to find the Gangja growing in the wild and dry it fast enough for them to smoke around the campfire? Always wondered about that..
  2. i dont think this is the right section for that question try general
  3. Dude, it was a movie not a documentary.
  4. No, toastybiz, Revenge of the Nerds 2: Nerds In Paradise was a documentary and its events occurred in real time
  5. ¿Qué?
  6. Yeah i know what u mean, and in Evil Bong how did they teach that bong how to talk and lean all those lines?

    Or in Die hard, how is that Bruce Willis was able to have the shit beaten from him in nearly every scene and only look a little under the weather by the end of the films. He must have had navy seal training for that one.

    But most importantly in Cheech and Chong, how did they make an entire car out of marijuana, considering the weight of the chasis and engine, they must have found some seriously stong hemp ropes to pull off that.

    you fuckin' idiot
  7. its a movie. its a hidden thing saying marijuana doesnt need any other chemicles to smoke it. its stright from the plant. and smoked. Its just a plant, how can it be a drug.

    but also ITS A MOVIE. they can make a giant nugs in "How High" he smoked straight from the plants the time span went by 3 months, so they can make anything happen in a movie
  8. O i forgot the mention the road runner....

    How can he be caught in life threatening situations and always live to run another day.
  9. Easy. It's the movies and you don't need to sweat the details.

  10. LMAO !!!!! I just had this pic of a newb opening a box from ACME HYDRO....and pulling out a rocket, with a little tiny net pot tied on, half way down.:p
  11. i wish, would help me out

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