How deep do you blades really think?

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    Yes, I am talking down to you. I'm guiding you through my thoughts, this is my thread after all....

    We are animals, we are composed of the same bones and organs. We have similar brain structure for one thing. Don't think you are special just because you can type down a response. I consider us like mammals because we have the same genetic make up. We have 200 genes in common with bacteria :rolleyes:
  2. hmm, i would say i think about balls deep usually.
  3. To the original set of Questions...

    1. I do think humans are sufficiently rationale to use reason to arrive beyond estrangement. The U.S. as a whole culture constitutes the perfect example. Overtime we have gradually become an organic society, and are constantly ever-changing our culture. The U.S. is most ethnically diverse country.

    2. I believe that if these select humans were left to their own accord, the social restraints of society would break. Think about it, they wouldn't be influenced by anyone outside of themselves, and no matter what social class they belonged to prior, they are nothing collectively. I think overtime they would become extremely co-operative with each other. They would band together to form an organic family.

  4. Because this is your thread gives you the right to talk down to me? Alright man you were looking for your thread to go somewhere with justice and I was trying to help and learn what you thought because from your reputation it seemed like I could learn how a fellow stoner philosopher thought but I'll go somewhere else. And btw saying we are animals because we are physically animals is incredibly obvious, I was thinking you were going along the lines of natural instincts like animals. Cause obviously we are physically animals but mentally we are separated from the rest of the animal kingdom.

  5. My apologies, you caught me in a bad mood. I have been very frustrated with this forum as of lately, do to the many repeated topic threads that always have the same answers and replies.

    Protection, hunger, parental love. Are these not natural instincts that humans and other animals share?

    We are separated from the rest of the animal kingdom because we have
    a) complex language
    b) live in society, which requires language
    c) value system, which comes in the form of money and taxes

    Have you ever seen a zoo animal attack a master or bistander? They seem so domesticed, so controlled, yet still bottled deep within are its natural instincts of protecting itself from anyone who interfers or interacts with it.

    Just like man. You can put him in society, but there are bottled up emotions that control they way they feel.

    Which is why we are estranged
  6. ya humans are far from basic, far from animal like yet we try to attach the stigma of humanity being animals, disgusting i think. just think about it, really. damage is done? to late?

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