How deep do you blades really think?

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  1. Overcoming enstrangements with reason... Can easily be done, I see no reason why not.
    Isn't it logical that it doesnt matter what other people think of you?
    Isn't it logical that you sometimes have to adapt to a new envoirement?
    You can feel completely calm and relaxed in those situations if you're just a bit more aware.

    And, I think they would find us rather helpful and co-efficient.
    I do believe, and def in situations like those, that human beings have some kind of pack feeling.
    But I also believe that there would be several packs within a group of 20.
  2. Oh yes. Please do.;)
    I'd contribute a post or two, I've honestly thought long and hard about becoming a judge, but the fact is I'm way too nice to be one. And, I don't see the lies that people tell. When I do, I only notice them when I pay attention or am looking for a lie.

    Maybe I would be good at being a judge...
  3. I think the definition of justice in the context of law would go like - righting a wrong to society. The whole idea of the CJS is that when someone commits a crime, you don't just commit a crime against that person - you commit a crime against society. That's why there's a District Attorney prosecuting for the justice of his jurisdiction.

    And to the poster above me, be a judge! That's where I want to end up some day.

  4. I agree and that's what laws are intended to do. Laws are to better society not the individual, but what do you think personal justice is? Justice in a society is to better the society but what do you believe personal justice is?
  5. Justice can only exist when there is freedom. Because the action of trespassing someone else's freedom calls for justice. Rape, murder, theft, etc, impedes on peoples freedom, and when justice is taken, it feels good, and things become a lot better.

  6. I think it's too subjective to say. To me, justice is vengeance or at the heart of it eye for an eye. To others, justice is rehabilitation.
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    personal justice is irrelevant outside the mind

    So, justice can only exist when there are laws of the government to disobey? Why not get rid of freedoms, then what is just sir?
  8. I think very deeply, I have a universal form of empathy and desire to feel the universe.

    My goals have validified my success and rewarded me with divine and holy experiences.
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    I will have to disagree with you. Justice is in the interest of the ruling class, it is based on the type of government established. Individual justice reflects the government, because as you have already stated, the majority establishes the just. The majority being the ruling class.

    As Hobbes social contract teaches us, individuals are concerned with personal safety. In order to obtain this safety, the individuals must obey the laws of the government set forth. Going against these laws is unjust, or otherwised labeled as "revolutionary."

    But then that causes society to revolutionize its government. A government based soley on "individual freedoms" is idealistic at best.

    I strongly believe human beings individually cannot overcome estrangement. However, I believe the more and more people who come together, the ability to overcome estrangement increases. Aristotle teaches us in his Politics book, that man is a political animal, as well as a social animal. This addresses that we strive to fit in, and interact with the people around us. It also tells us that we as humans strive for conflict, because we are political animals. The fact that we live in society brings up the conflict of estrangement, and because the issue of personal rights exists, we are all estranged by nature.
  10. i kind of think around in circles
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    What are you trying to say? Justice can only exist in freedom. Is there any other way to look at it? Think about, absolute freedom is anarchy. I believe people can become strong enough to bring about peaceful anarchy. You can't truly get rid of all freedom, because even the government would have the freedom to oppress you, and people would have the freedom of hope.
  12. Maybe because your high, lol.:smoke:
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  14. So do you believe that freedom and justice are natural laws to human beings?
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    Yea, something like that. Being of course freedom, comes from having a spirit, and the spirit leads you to do things. And justice is called after the impediment of freedom, of course justice is not always taken, and there can sometimes be injustice.

  16. Are our 'spirits' be shaped by our surrounding culture and traditions? If so, is the idea of freedom based on opposition to ones surroundings?
  17. No the spirit is intangible and can only be felt, it is our energy, our drive, it is the reason why our life force works within these bodies. Everyone has a spirit, so everyone has a degree of freedom, but we are also flesh, so we are subjected to laws and principles of the flesh. So being fleshly minded would to be enslaved, to be spiritually minded is to be free, and you will always be free, because your spirit will never die unless it is wicked and God destroys it, but you wouldn't be focusing on your spirit if you were wicked anyways so that wouldn't matter.
  18. You should watch Lost.

  19. All you are saying is that all one has to do is overcome their problems mentally, and then they will be truly free. Also, you must defend the issue of the soul just being a product of the brain.

    Everyone already does have some degree of freedom, which leads to abuse of that freedom. I am unconvinced of defining freedom with an intangible 'spirit' which everyone is suppose to process. Yet we still experience arguments over freedoms. Obviously, there is a disagreement to the level of freedom each individual should receive.
  20. Freedom comes knowing you have a spirit, that no one can bring down, no matter what. Freedom can be experienced at its best from living a pure joyous life. Not oppressing others, but living self-sufficiently with no big worries, other than finding food. The soul is the flesh and the spirit, mixed, and yes, the brain can be considered where it is connected. Just like how aether is the bridge between this dimension and other dimensions.

    It seems you won't feel the freedom of the spirit, until you let go of your zeal, and the reason for it, and just accepting what is natural.

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