how deep are you cut ?

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  1. did you every try your best and just fall shy of what you wanted ! i did and i am very depressed with my failure ,i give everything i got my feels my spirit and soul in the hope i can help someone, anyone ,i guess some times i just try to hard and it back fires ,and i afend someone ,this happened and i feel really very bad abut it not for them, i own up to it and apolegize to them but that dosnt cut it for me ,i hold my self to a higher stander,not because i want to look good in others eye but in my own ,i try hard to be the best person i can be and some times it just dosnt work out that way, i am depress with contempt for my self !some times i find it so hard to over look my disabilitys to come here to the sites,am i just lieing to myself to fit in some where that people like myself have no bussiness being in the frist place or am i just lost looking for input from anywhere i can find in the hope that i am not lossing my self to time ! and even at the cost of my own respect for my self ! i hope you all read this in the idea that this may be the only post i feel needs no replys to have meanings and feelings for the readers ,please dont judge me at this time! i am doing that myself ,i hope time heals all wondes this ones deep ! good luck tazz11
  2. Tazz, I don't know why you are so down on yourself now, but when I saw your name on the active user list I was DAMN happy to see you back here again. And as far as failures go, Thomas Edison's invention rate was about 98%failure. (* out of every 100 ideas he tried was a failure. But you know what, he never quit or gave up and that is the true sign of success is not quitting. I learned two valuable lessons growing up: You can never be beat if you don't give up! and There is no substitution for hard work!
  3. Tazz, ole buddy. If you give it your best shot and fail, at least you've done your best. I always get screwed when i try to help some people out. It does feel like i'm going through life in reverse. It'll get better my friend. We all know and love ya just like critter said.

    Have a great day my friend!

    Look at what i put in my signature two months ago.
  4. high guys i didnt sleep last night and night no diffrent by the looks of it ! i know what you guys are say i live life with these rules but it can just make you hert at times ,i just got to pick something and let it get me back on track ! my skunk#1 is looking good i set and watch it grow for hours to day just watching she's something to look at ,122 bud sites bonsai style! she is going to set some records in my grow ! i'll post afew pics for you guys in grow forum sound good ,thanks guys reading your replys helped some ,good luck tazz11
  5. now i did lol but feel worse because my freind is haveing a hard time if thats what you can call fades rath!;lol new cars can suck i was test driveing a $ 25,000 ss lumana and the lights quite in the rain and i had a hell of a time getting it back need less to say i did not by the junk and a year after i was blinded so it all work out fine ! but yes new cars new or used can have hiden tricks and down falls ! often a good used car is better in condition than new ones !and the warrenty are only as good as your mechinics work! said to here about your dog ,i watched a show one time about the bigist vet show in the world in canada of all things !but what they say is ( "quality of life" )with lots of pets ,i beleave this is the only true judgement call with the pet has a quality to its life that lets him enjoy the rest of its timealive ,i know its hard i have had to make that call a few times and it aint easy to deside the fade of ones love ones and pets are often members of are familys and deerist freinds and companyanes ,so it makes it even harder to deside when its time but when i need to its allways the thought of quality of life the gets me to make my choice to love them harder or set them free from their pain and sufering,its a hard call and the hardist one of your reply ,i had to lol when you said it blanked your work my computer dose that now and than just to piss me of i think !lol enjoy your new car the dauther in law well have to get over it you desurve it !you worked hard to get it and enjoy it she is your dauther in law and not your banker ! lol i said enjoy it but so far that may be a curse ! lol as for the ticket them bitches are there just when you dont want them ! aint they ! thanks you are a true freind and i enjoyed your post sometimes its the small things that help most ! good luck tazz11

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