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How dare they call themselves potheads or smokers...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DaWood, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. I know a few people who label themselves as potheads and they have not bought weed once in their life, they are used to be smoked out by others.. This to me I think is retarded.. One is even a female so I am sure she gets free hits all the time..
    Is it just me or am I over reacting?:eek:
  2. over reacting lol
    unless they go around saying "im toootallyy a pothead"
    that would piss me off
  3. Why does it matter what they do?
    Its none of your buissness
  4. Why does it matter what others label themselves as anyway homie...labeling yourself is you...dont let what you do define you...let YOU define you...if other people wanna label themselves potheads or smokers..let em'...
  5. I think its important to just know that their full of shit. No point getting mad if it doesn't affect you. People talk a big game nothing will change that.
  6. They have the nerve to ask to smoke with me but I SUPPLY it.. Lmao.. Right...
  7. Why would you want to be labeled as a "pothead" anyway.
  8. Your taking it a little far. I usually dont tell people like that the amount i smoke because they will be on my door knockin every hour of the day. He says super fat sacks are 30+ and is a weekend only thing. He tells me he knows stoner law 100x better then me yet he is always that idiot kid asking for seconds before we start a sesh, dont mind kids like that, they are just stupid.
  9. Pretty much, but going with your topic, just respond with a chuckle and say "You guys haven't even bought an ounce yet, let alone a QP's worth, what makes you think you're a pothead?"

    However if they never bought before like you said, change ounce to 8th, makes them look sillier.
  10. You seem to worry about what other people do/say a little to much, their probably young and think smoking pot or being labeled as a pot head is "cool" and thats their own stupidity, nothing thread worthy sorry.

  11. Sounds exactly like a pot head. True Cannabis users don't run around calling themselves pothead and mooching other peoples weed . those people are violating the Cannabis Commandments

  12. I dont smoke to be cool. I smoke to relax and have fun.. I dont label myself as a pothead but I do smoke frequently.. Its just that people walking around calling themselves potheads who havent smoked 20 times in their life nor bought weed ever..
  13. cool job bro. but yeah just chill if they wanna brag about how "cool" they are let them. it doesn't affect you

  14. give them some strong psychedelics- watch what happens to their 'pothead' ego :hello:
  15. I do.

    Lol no but foreal, just calm down. It's not really a big deal.
  16. i hate it when people brag about smoking,
    "ohhh yeah, i was sooo high last night"

    so was half of the school, no one gives a fuck.
  17. Exactly what I am talking about.. But ima chill.. it just gets aggravating..
  18. if anyone here on this site or in the rest of the world for that matter is smoking to be cool, they shouldn't be smoking at all. there is nothing cool about smoking, just like how there is nothing cool about like the beatles. (just an example) it's a life choice, that i assume is enjoyable to onesself, not for any other reason than having fun.

    i myself hate the image of that pothead kid, and i'm trying to kick my bad reputation and keep my smoking on the dl. most of my friends are doing that as well. I'm branching out my circle of friends to include straight edge kids as well.
  19. because,its "cool"...:rolleyes:
  20. if they go around bragging all the time then maybe. People that brag to much about smoking and do it cause its cool kinda piss me off though. It gets really annoying

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