How critical is the lighting conditions for germed seeds...?

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  1. Ok so my seeds finished germinating today and i got my light set up and cups with soil/coco fiber. and i was doing some reading after finishing it all. i read something in the germination 420 thread.

    * It stated ''Do not use light untill your seed has broken thru soil.''

    -I was just wondering how critical this was because i put mine under light as soon as
    i poked the 1'' deep holes and placed the seeds in.

    - Id hate to mess something up in this critical point in my babies lifes.

    Some other information:

    Light: T12 (Cool White Bulbs) Shop light. 4' fixture.


    2 Fugu Kush Moto's

    8 White Heaven's

    3 Burnam Red Eyes (Local Strain from south of my home town. supposidly real good)

    After Two or so weeks of light from my T12, Putting seeds in a 3x5x6 grow box i built myself.

    Ducted 400w Hid MH / HPS
    6'' Inline Duct fan
    250 cfm

    Thanks for anyone who is willing to help me out.
  2. when the sprout is underground, the light doesn't matter one way or the other.

    One Inch Deep is pretty deep to plant a seed. I don't pre-germinate, but I only plant my beans

    ~1/8" deep
  3. I pre-germ, 1/4 inch is what you're aiming for and don't "pack down" the filler you use to fill the hole in after the bean is in there, just fill it loosely but not so loose that light gets in the hole.

    You might want to scrape some soil off the top to bring the bean closer to the surface ;)

  4. I mite acally do that, they arent actually a inch deep, even tho i read that in the germination 420 sticky on here that they should be. Id say half inch at most. some longer tho due to me waiting soo long having trouble gettin the light.

    I had to wait and some of the (whats correct term here, referring to germed seeds) *roots* got a little longer than i wanted so i made the hole deep depending on that planting it root down.

    Its my first grow i kinda expected a little error and i deffinetly allready accepted the fact you cannot be a guru grower untill you have a few under your belt anyways.

    But thanks for the info. comment on this plz
  5. Good luck bud :)
  6. You won't hurt your babies by having light on before they pop through the soil. At worst you wasted a few hours or few days worth of electricity. It's just that the sprouts don't need light until they actually pop through the soil.

    However, I still advise that you keep the light on. It's best if the babies can get light the instant they do pop through, and unless you are checking them several times a day they could pop through and be sitting in the dark waiting for you to turn the lights on. By having the light already on you help the plant at its first opportunity.

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