How critical is it to keep total darkness in flower?

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  1. So I just switched to flower 2 days ago. I accidentally set my timer to kick off at 6pm and turn on at 6am. Would it affect the plant if I switched it to turn off at 10pm and on at 10am? ALSO... I have the plant in a room with a skylight. The natural daylight could slip into the fan areas. Would this be an issue? I have a closet I could put it in with total darkness.

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    I heard somewhere that it takes like 6x the intensity of the moon to reveg a plant.

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  3. If you want to keep it on that room I would leave the light schedule as is so you're lights come on with the sun rising, eliminating the need to worry about light leaks.

    If you insist on kicking on at 10am, you can build a light block to place over your fan intake. Simple cardboard and tape will do for materials.

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  4. Changing the schedule of her night time isn't that big of a deal. Going from 6 to 6 to 10 to 10 is fine in my opinion as long as you keep it regimented after the change. However, allowing the plants light DURING their dark time is a huge deal. The light turns the chemical Pr inside the plants into its inactive form, which then continues vegetative growth. Short night cycles don't provide the plant enough time to turn its now inactive Pr back into its active form. When it is active, the plant will flower. This is why when we switch to 12 hours of darkness, she flowers because she has enough time at night to activate her Pr. If she is currently in flower phase, exposing her to light during her night cycle will deactivate the Pr inside your plants, slowing flower production and confusing / possibly stressing her. Would it be possible to run her during the day and shut it off at night?
  5. I leave the bottom of my tent flap open and everything. I haven't gotten one hermi. Some people over exaggerate having absolutely no light during dark period.

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  6. In nature it's impossible to have 100% darkness unless you're inside somewhere like a cave. The moon has no effect on plants.

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