How Creative Are You To Smoke Your Weed?

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  1. This is just a chill zone with people just saying their stories.Here Goes mine.I was in the 9th grade at the time .So one day i had a blunt rolled up and i had no light .So what i did was put my blunt under my water boiler and it lit it up .Then i just smoked and went to school:lol:
  2. Hmm...
    I once rolled a j in a receipt and lit it with a toaster
  3. Niceeeee
  4. I havent had a need to be creative since i started cuz im always prepared but the most creative thing i did way back when was probably cross joint or braided joint... Not that creative really
  5. I made a steamroller out of a paper towel tube, cut a whole open and used aluminum foil as a bowl to light the Weed. 
    I remember back in the summer of 2010, my smoking crew then made 2 cross joints full of Regs but these were some strong regs and OMFG my eyes were so red that I looked like a soulless zombie LOL.
    I shall look for more if they don't hurt me of course. 
  6. [​IMG]
    = Getting baked while I sleep
  7. I can top that. One time a friend and i were walking along some railroad tracks. We had weed, no papers or pipe or lighter. I found an aluminum can and a nail. Made a pipe. but no lighter!! Lucky, it was a sunny hot summer day. I used my friends glasses to light the weed. It worked.
  8. Ok that topped my story...dayum!
  9. Best idea ever!
  10. I rolled a joint with a blank bible ah and it on the gas stove :smoke:

    Yeah, I'm probably going to hell for that :laughing:
  11. one time at this party we smoked marijuanas out of this glass thing with water in it shit was cray
  12. that didnt even come close to topping your story lol
  13. when i was 16 my friends and i made a 3-foot vitamin water bong, was fucking insane
  14. Once I made a one hitter out of a metal pen I took apart.
  15. i...i fucking knew it was possible! why did i never think of that
  16. Probably the old half a milk gallon container and half a plastic bag homemade volcano contraption
  17. What exactly are these things? I know it's supposed to be a vape but is the bottom thing something else?
  18. Top thing is an oxygen mask. Bottom thing is a herbal aire vaporizor.
  19. Once I made a weird steamroller thing by burning a hole in a water bottle and putting one of those snap button things from my jeans in the hole. The only way to use it was to put a whole bud on top of the snap button thing. Hahaha that shit was nasty
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    I had a blunt but no lighter once, so I find 2 old cheapie 50 cent lighters one has the striker missing and one only has a flame that goes up for Like 0.3 seconds before going down. So I had to brain storm and then I got the mastermind plan of the year, I took both lighters and a candle I sparked the lighter and held the strikekless one right on top of it holding down the butane button. And we all know that Sparks + Butane = flame. So with the flame I just created I lit a candle and used that to smokeYou know the old Saying, "Give potheads weed and nothing to smoke with they will suddenly become engineers"Sent from my Prism using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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