HOW COURT WENT (fuck the police part 2)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Gunja Fairy, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. So i went to court Alright

    Guess what i got for an ounce bagged up into 2grms???

    $250.00 Australian cash and 12 months good behaviour bond...


    I get fined more for driving without a licence
    or even littering

    What kind of shit rules must i live with

    I Swear to god (if there is one)

    I Just dont understand why is it like this...
    Why can i only smoke in the same state as the prime minister (John Fucky Howard)

    Why cant i do what i want with MY BODY
    If sluts are alloud to put out and risk things such as Aids ect

    Why cant smokers smoke and risk a little relaxation ha???
  2. "$250.00 Australian cash and 12 months good behaviour bond..." ....Thats this time my friend.Next time ya going to jail.
  3. i guess all the advice i have is stop with the dealing......they can fuk you up (legally) about that but when it comes to personal consumption they can't really do shit except confiscate and i know that for sure from personal experience here in sydney.......bong on!
  4. In Eugene, Oregon, USA the fine for posession of less than an ounce is $250 american, I've gotten one. On the other hand you can attend a 10-hours class to get your fine reduced to under $100 and get the charge taken off your record.
  5. I've said it again and again...marjiuana laws sicken me. Reminds me of the people who give you a disgusted 'eew your a horrible person' look when you let them know you smoke weed...Just fuels my fire to fight the war against the war on drugs.
  6. ....Ya don,t get it do you my friend ..l only smoke what l grow .l grow 2 plants and get about 50 ozs.lf l get caught with this amount l go to jail.Even though l never left my own house and effected no one but me .The laws says l can get caught with an oz that l bought from someone but l carn,t grow my own ????????Now thats stupid :D
  7. man you got off so light, i wouldn't be complainin' about 12 months parole and that little. i got busted just with posession of less than a quarter in one bag, personal stash and got 3 years probation and over 3 grand in fines.

    i'd be careful, next time man jail for sure! good luck. though looks like you already have heaps of luck! :D
  8. i feel ya Gunja Fairy laws r fucked up i kno but wtf can u do sometimes jus listen too those snooby posh fuckers, time will tell and this society will changee for the better of all man kind soon.
  9. i feel for ya dude in the US the laws suck.
    in the US last year they did 25 billion in CORN
    in weed they did 29 billion .
    go figure that out an illegal weed beating out corn. shoot if they leagalized just weed no more deficit, or anything tax the heck out of it.
    dont think it will happen though look at alcohol.

    i hear they are lax in canada i will have to visit.
  10. the war on drugs isn't working and won't work.

    just legalise weed, it would solve all these problems.
  11. Its only a matter of time before everyone hears what we all got to say. Im thining ityll be legal in 15 yrs

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