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How could he ditch me like that?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TheHempress, Apr 5, 2003.

  1. Tonight I was supposed to hang out with Nic and Paige, but Paige saw my thread earlier about being they ditched me. Didn't call me to see if I was feeling better, they just assumed that I wasn't going to hang out with them....WTF?! I've been looking forward to tonight for a week, and they just ditch me.

    Great. Now my Friday is ruined...I even blew off other plans (like hanging out with my brother) for this....

    Now I'm alone, crying, weedless and friendless, on a Friday night. I want to die.
  2. im sorry 2 hear that but i got hella ditched too tonight and i sat around watching john doe... i couldnt get a ride to my buddys house soon enough so these 2 chicks decided not to chill with us.. when we were supposed to get drunk and etc etc etc.. and then my dad shows up sayin he can drive me earlier.. a time they woulda been happy with but by this time every1 had plans.. and i end up gettin dropped off at a buddys apartment building and told my dad to take off if i got buzzed in, and i did.. but then i got up there and his dad was there and my bud wasnt so i fuckin had to take an hour walk home... ahhhhhh that felt better.. now if u wanna talk to me about being alone, im very experienced in this field and i never like it when a girl crys... so bitch to me all you want
  3. when its bad..remember only one way to go...n thats up! :)

    thats pritty fucked hempress...definitalye should have called you!!!
    remeember you always got me down in the burgh if you feel like makin a trip down here! so ya ever feel friendless..remember ur always welcome to smoke with :)
  4. how old are u hempress cause i saw ur pic and u look mighty young u still in high school or are in college
  5. hey hempress sorry to hear your friday night wasnt all that good..:( dont cry! dry your eye! :)

    hey lacrossestar, good to see *you* back in that password or what?
  6. shes 19 I belive

    i never seen her pic! lol i wanna see :)
  7. She doesnt look that young. Probably Anywhere from 16 - 20.:)
  8. Hempress is 19. I do know for a fact!!!
  9. Lacrossestar; I am 19 like they said, but I'm not in college...don't have the money for it :(

    People always tell me that I look younger than I am...I sometimes get mistaken for 16 or 17 (it sucks!)

    Edit- Stylez, I posted a pic of myself in the Picture Post forum...the thread "Pictures of Us".....I'm too tired to go and find it, but you're a big boy, I'm sure you can handle it :D
  10. I didnt mean any offence by the 16 - 20 thing. Its just that people always think im older than I really am. It kinda sucks a little too. But ican buy beer for friends (i dont drink) with a fake id but thats about the only good thing about it. looks can be very deceiving.:eek:

  11. I didn't take any offense :D

  12. Hey there. Now dont you go there hun, cause Nic and Amira kinda ditched me too. My friday night was shitty, and I probably fucked something up real bad with a good friend of mine, she was upset when she found out that I wanted to go get high at ants. we had a pretty bad fight, and i feel pretty bad about it. i dont know if Im gonna try to quit or not. well see. as for this weekend, im pretty sure we made it up to you hun. keep your chin up.

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