How cool would this be

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  1. I would sit there for hours with my flight box lol

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  2. I'd jump on it until it broke so I could see where it goes. :cool:
  3. They should make planes like that lol
  4. I hate to be that guy but the transparent floor of that plane posted above could never be a concept. The storage bay is below the passengers.

    All the same, that'd be so sick.
  5. Don't shit on happiness.
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    thats a real thing!! awesome
    nevermind, thanks for ruining everything storage bay guy
  7. Glass floors are one of my biggest fears, sometimes I have anxiety attacks just thinking about it.
  8. If you could rig the tunnel with holograms to play fzero that would be kick ass!
  9. image.jpg
    ¡Very Cool Indeed!
  10. I read that plane was a joke. They could be real but that pic of the virgin plane is a joke.
    I've been on glass bottom boats though... That is pretty trippy  :smoking:

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