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How cool is this

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Zlideways, May 20, 2010.

  1. #1 Zlideways, May 20, 2010
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    So im pretty much done with school now less than 10 days and counting.:hello: (Highschool)

    My mom said she'd hook me up with a contractor job at her work starting at 40 Grand yearly salary. I mean maybe its just me but I'm going to get some BADASS shit fresh outta highschool with that much money coming in.

    Only thing is I have to stop smoking to pass the drug test :mad:. Anyone who can help me?

    I'm 6'4 150 lbs fairly active.. shoot hoops whenever I can , mildly work out each night and I really can eat anything and not gain a pound << Is this a fast metabolism?? I'm guessing so.

    I figure 2 weeks should HOPEFULLY be good but i smoke everyday 5 grams + last time i took a break was a year ago probably. After 2 weeks i will drug test myself because I DO NOT want to embarrass my mom at her work by failing. Any insight?
  2. Should be fine if you have an adequate amount of time to flush your system of THC, drink a lot of water, maybe hit a sauna? Keep up the workin out and everything you should be cool yo.
  3. I have heard the moth's in the shadows whisper rumors of ancient serums of the leaves of the grean tea tree, and majick tablets of the niacin varietal.
  4. No rush with this... my mom is cool with me smoking because I'm responsible I have all the time I could ask for. Just wondering how long you guys think i was hoping for 2-3 weeks but maybe a month it will have to be
  5. Bro, don't smoke for a month. You HAVE to make sure you get this job...then you can smoke all you want. You know how many people make 40,000 dollars straight out of high school? NOBODY. Take a one-month tolerance break, pass the drug test, get the job, make bank, smoke all you want.
  6. I know I know I'm really going to try

    As I can not WAIT to get the car I finally want and live pretty comfortable for an almost 19 year old man.

    can you say bachelor pad!!!!!!

  7. agreed!:d
  8. You lucky SOB! congrats brother!
  9. fuck ya! It's worth it to take a month off, you can do it! plus you'll get your tolerance back and smoking will be awsome the day after =)

    Just make sure you save some money, if I had saved better in high school/college I'd have my own house, instead of throwing out all the BS objects I wasted my money on.
  10. This is just my two cents based on your little schpleal..

    If your mom is hooking you up with an awsome job.. and her only worry about you going into the job is that your going to fail a drug test. Just take a tolerance break untill your done with the test man. It can be really good for your mind.
  11. I would take a month just to be safe.
    Limit your fat intake, drink lots of water and cranberry juice, do lots of aerobic/cardio exercise, and don't use anymore.

    Plus you said you smoke 5+ grams a day, that's crazy, but you'll have a nice t break. Then you can get a nice bong or quality vape or whatever.
  12. Do you have a product called Q-Carbo32 around your way?? Maybe in a vitaminshoppe.

    I had to pass a drug test and i had taken a week long tolerance brake and had this stuff waiting. The day before the drug test I decided to smoke for somereason (my friend just used the same thing to pass his drug test and it came back clean).
    I woke up at 6am and started drinking this stuff. It cleans out your system of all toxins. You piss and shit like crazy lol, Your pee is literally neon yellow, its kinda cool. But i went at 10am to take the piss test (after peeing 8+ times before leaveing) and everything went smooth. Test came back clean.

  13. 1 week is long enough, my friend is in the national guard, she smokes every day up till a week before she goes to drill(they drug test her at drill once a month). she just stops smoking for a week and drinks nothing but water.

    shes about 5'3" and 110"lbs?
  14. first paycheck = volcano vape and some DANK
  15. Best advice I could give is BUY A PLACE!!!

    Condo or a townhouse, or even a small older house. I would never have wasted so much paying rent if I scored a job like that right out of school.

    Buy a place and charge a roommate rent!
  16. use moms piss. or dads. i use my moms whenever i need to take a ua.
  17. ya man you should definitely just stop smoking until your test, i graduated a couple years ago and had a computer programming internship set up that i wouldve been "graduating" from this summer, and it was through my dads consulting company, i wouldve been making up around 60-75k a year right about now. i failed the drug test, because i didnt know there was one, and now i live in a $300 a month piece of shit apartment, trying to get my CIS certification from a community college. hey, live and learn right? learn from my mistake, i can guarantee you i wont be even close to tempting fate on any serious job apps from now on.
  18. Bro Fuck smoking,
    In this economy Everyone needs the job an money. Hold it off Until ur locked in the job.
    save up for car, new shit, excersise spend on a nice chick. THEN smoke all u want wen ur easily trusted at ur job.

    beleave me if u smoke an they catch u its not worth it
  19. :)Nice hookup from Mom.
    Personnally, I would do the 3-4 week T-Break and a safety flush. You have what may be a once in the lifetime opportunity for a person of your age. Better safe than sorry. :cool:
  20. Lots of great advice on here, so I'll just say GOOD LUCK!! Way to go, and I hope you get it!

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