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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Zylark, Apr 23, 2003.

  1. how to explain this. hmm, i'm ( among other things ) a musician. today i'm stoned off my ass. i listen to my own music, and i "felt" that a part of it was wrong. imagine, my own music wrong. that can not be. so i changed it. now my favourite music is good again.

    that's the keyword i think, i can change it. it's my music, i can do whatever i want with it :) i can't do that to "weak" points in other peoples music.

    i'm so happy right now, peace!
  2. i just love it when you got a great buzz and you're just ecstatically happy. everything is more pleasant and you enjoy everyone around you


  3. I got that taoday. I had been playing guitar at my PC with a 2 watt practice amp, then I went through to my bedroom to my 150 watt Marshall AVT. I was just so pleased with my crushing tone. I was high for a couple of hours afterwards.

    On the subject of this thread though, I quite often get that feeling with my music too.
  4. I thought I'd add, do you ever find it a bit weird when you get one of your own songs stuck in your head? I find it pretty encouraging.
  5. yeah dude, it can just make your day

  6. I do that too. Something's just not right so you fix it. I do that to other people's music, too. Critique whatever I'm listening to and decide how it really oughtta go.

  7. fuck that! get BLAZED and be all happy!
  8. We sometimes "get together, hook up electronic instruments, get stoned and make music" it usual turnsout to be HC elctro noise (or power electronics like they say) don't get me wrong it's not just bumble bumble buzz it's great but i have this thing (a trouble?) that I'm kind of shamed to play my own tracks to anyone 'cos I think it's too much showing off or something. Like mentioned somewhere else I paly in a lot of bands (main projecy being the republic of desire) and like Hatebreed pointed out I'm almost overdoing it so I've cut back a little now.

    But the greatest thing is to get high pick up a guitar or bass and jam with some one else (three is optimal but it's hard to find three people who can follow each others toughts and 'licks' as good as two)

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