How content are you with your life currently?

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  1. As the title question asks, how satisfied are you with your present living conditions (job, home, relationships)? Feel free to dig deep, we're all here for each other. Whether you'd like to gloat about how it's going well or seek support through a tough time, share!

  2. Im perfectly happy right now,but i dont really like these threads tbh
    Life has a habit of kicking you in the bollocks right after you say "yea im good" lol

    Wanna make god smile. Tell him you're plans! Haha
  3. Im not at all happy with where i am in life, i made a lot of stupid decisions when i was younger & dont really have any decent career prospects. Ive got a good brain on me yet i do manual labour for a living. That being said, i smoke weed every day which does a good job of taking my mind off things and on the weekend i meet my friends and wrap the week up with some chemically induced happiness. I'm pretty much your typical cynical depressed twenty-something.
  4. 7.5 and climbing
    Man I have a degree in law yet and I actually do not want a job that demands brain.
    I currently work delivering documents, just travel all day every day throughout the city, meet whatever challenges that come my way. I don't know if it can be called manual work but that's the only kind of work I will take right now as long as I have a choice. Smoke once every Saturday. I'm content because what not being content is good for? If you can change something do it. If you can't just accept it and live with it.
    *Smartass off*
  6. My life is going ok right now. Just trying to get through community college and im pretty sure i wont be going to no 4 year college afterwards fuck that. I hate school, better yet i hate taking unneseccary classes. Need a new job because my current one doesnt give me enough hours. And just trying to make this rap thing work, im always told im good so i really hope this talent can get me somewhere.

    Everyones a genius in their own mind
  7. My life is ok, i guess for a college dropout. Could be a lot better, could be a lot worse
  8. I get what your saying and good for you but everybody's different. I personally dont like the work i do and dont really know what i want to get into, plus im just the type of person who has a negative view on life whether thigs are going well or not. Dont get me wrong i enjoy many of the aspects of my life, i probably have more fun than the average person does but thats pretty much all my life revolves around, get paid & get messy. A week's pay lasts me a week then i'm back to square one, living for the weekend is great but it just makes everything else seem so mundane and pointless. Im alright for now but i dont want to be where i am now in 5 years time. Unfortunately i cant see much changing.
    What kind of work you do? For me it's the week that is more filled with sense than a weekend cause I'm constantly on the move. The weekend is comparatively uneventfull. Was it not for bud I would be forced to once again exit my appartment and explore even though I want to rest, do nothing, chat on internet etc. I don't really have friends at this stage of life and neither I'm looking for them although an easy verbal chat is something I enjoy. 
  10. a 3 financially and physically
    a 5 mentally and emotionally
    and a 7 spiritually
  11. pretty bad tbh. day to day kinda life. no future plans, dreams, just no plans. been pretty lonely, met someone but its too soon to say if she's just as interested. taking that slow to see how things go. she's talking to another guy, dunno what the deal is. we're all guys, he wants to pound her and she probably knows it too. who knows. but we'll see, like i said its too soon to say. all i'm worried about at the moment. and yeah. 
  12. I mostly do labouring on construction sites, its a dead end job. Im not even interested in construction but its a bit more fun than most of the other dead-end low paying jobs. See i actually have quite a busy social life and smoke weed all the time (amongst other things) so i have plenty of distractions, i just feel a bit unfulfilled and cant see myself getting into anything more interesting that pays better. Seems like we lead very different lives.
    We are living different lives indeed. Delivering documents is also a dead end job however I'm not looking to build a carrier at this point so it's fine with me. Have you thought about document delivery yourself? The reason I favor documents is cause you always travel with a light weight in your backpack, not some heavy stuff (I use publlic transport not car). It's perfect for me both in terms of being intersting and fitting my lifepath. I'm a loner though and don't want to be in a company at work which is another reason I'm into it. Not sure about the pay being higher here either.
    It would be nice for me to be able to travel to english-speaking countries and work in this position, exploring city after city. The possibility however is not there since the only program that would allow me to work abroad, a working holiday program, is not valid for my country or my age.
    Another job I considered for a while is a stage staff at a cruise ship. Cruise setting gives an adventure while stage staff position seemed like more interesting and less excruciating than anything else they offer. But I rejected this idea eventually.   
  14. I really have no idea what sounds bettee to me, this is the problem. If i cant decide what i want as a career then i cant make steps so achieve it. If i knew what i wanted to do i'd invest some time and effort into it. What country are you from anyway?
  15. I'm not struggling so I can't complain. I've got enough money, a weed garden, and a great girlfriend. But I hate working for somebody else. I probably won't be content until I'm comfortably, legally, self employed.
    Russia. Whatever little chance there was of Russia being invited into working holliday program evaporated the moment first combat helicopter crossed into Crimea [​IMG]  But hey at least I can travel and work in Crimea now [​IMG]
  17. Yoh after reading this my post will feel like I'm gloating,but I'm gonna post anyway. See it as motivation that things can be better if you persevere and work hard at your dreams.
    I'm at a good place in my life. I am the equivalent of a CPA. been married for 3 years. I've ha 3 jobs in the last 3 years and I was headhunted for each one .With each move came a significant jump in salary. Last year I bought my dream car. I have some awesome friends and spend my weekends doing things I love. Smoking , cycling and working on my car. I work 8 to 4 so I have a good balance in terms of work life . Next year my wife and I will purchase property and start on our family.
    The only thing that I would want is to travel more internationally but it's really expensive so I'd rather save the money for property . Oh and I work for a brewery so lots of free beer
  18. Sure. Just wish my most consistent dealer didn't quit selling

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    I live in a townhouse, my job is goodish, but i am in highschool so i don't get that much money, which leads to my parents helping me pay the rent until i graduate. i don't really have many friends (I think i have 5) because my Autism. for relationships, i had a girlfriend for around 2 years, but we broke up...
  20. Not very content..why do u think I'm on here? :p I yolk I yolk..
    nuhh but seriously. Theres a lot of potential, I'm still making plans
    an just goin with the flow for now I guess. Butttt I know I gota
    start making shit happen, so am I content? nuhh..not exactly.
    Am I ok with it though? yeaa sure, why not?
    That just means I'm lumped in with the other billions of people..
    Lets start a group..We could be the "Only consent, if your content" :D
    Idk wtf that means but heyy, its whatevs. Still works though.. [​IMG]

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