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How common is it to trip after smoking?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by bigfatnugz, Feb 2, 2014.

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    I got into smoking not too long ago and I'm pretty comfortable hitting bongs/pipes and getting a pretty nice high from it. The other day I rolled up a pure doobie and went and smoked it in my car. When I was done I could tell I was fucking baked because time felt like it was jumping backwards and when I finally got into my house I was tripping balls.
    Theres a small LED light in my room that was flashing and I could see lasers shooting all around my room making weird patterns and the walls were glowing in every different colour. This pretty much sent me into a panic attack (thinking my parents would come in) which only made it worse because I could feel my heart pumping and it was like I could feel the blood pulsing all the way through my body which made me twitch and just see random shit. I'd love to go into more detail about what I saw but I fell asleep after about 30 mins and I remember it vividly.
    \nIs this common? Maybe it's because I'm not used to smoking on my own and I went too deep into the void and being in the dark room laying in bed just gave me the most surreal experience of my life.
    \nEdit: Attached image of what I typed to my friends (at the time my phone screen appeared to be some kind of helmet and the screen was a visor. Best I can explain it). I just realized all those images are a minute apart despite at the time it felt like 10 minutes because i couldn't hit the right buttons and I kept having to erase what I wrote.


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    notice the following;
    • new account
    • scary/extreme stories to make pot seem like something it isn't,<ul><li>in this case, pot causes people to see things, hallucinate...
    ya...propaganda bullshit.
  3. never happen to me....
  4. Lol sounds like a great high. Your first few lone stone prolly will make you trip balls. When I say trip balls I done mean seeing little green men walking around. I'm talking about the sometimes scary panic attact. I personally like when that sort of stuff happens. So when I come down from the high I have story toblaugh about lol
  5. New account because I wouldn't be on this forum unless that experience happened to me. Propaganda wtf are you talking about, I'm asking you guys (the experienced smokers) why this happened to me, who am I trying to convince with my 'propaganda'?
    propaganda agents deny what they spread is a lie...
    some of the idiots even believe their drivel.
  7. Broaden your perspective, everybody is different, everyone has different reactions to everything. What satisfaction would I get from making up this story on a forum full of people who love cannabis as much as I do? 
  8. Shit like that happens to me all the time man. I really don't understand it because every time I smoke I get about 100 times more high than everyone else. To the point of a psychedelic like trip. I've only heard of a few others that experience weed the way I do but I'm really curious to find out why.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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    When I first started smoking, I would have minor auditory hallucinations (Like say someone was talking on the other end of the house, but not loud enough to hear clearly, My head would make up what they were saying). Granted, I was pretty young. Only other experience with any kind of hallucination from bud was the first time I actually got high, I was watching the windows media player visualizer, and it tripped me right out, it was similar to what you described.  Never felt bad physically from weed, though.
  10. Next time you experience that give 'Dark Side of The Moon' by Pink Floyd a listen. It'll blow your fucking mind,
  11. I bought the bud from a drug dealer in the UK, it could of been mixed with anything but it's only sent me into that trip once of all the times I've smoked it. In the past i've been stoned to the point that my friends arms/legs/torso looked too big or small but this was the first time I hallucinated and I was so weirded out that I had a panic attack.
    I would love to experience it again without the paranoia and actually write down how i felt/what I saw in some detail but I don't know if I'll ever be like that again, it seems really rare.
  12. I thought I tripped on my weed when I first became a stoner, until I ate shrooms for the first time...  (NOT SUGGESTING YOU SHOULD TRY THEM BY ANY MEANS!)
    Trust me.  A real trip is much more intense than anything weed can do, lol (I was in my bed and I couldn't find my legs.)  Although, audio hallucinations can be common. (And sometimes scary!)
  13. Not trip as in anything comparable to an acid or mushroom trip. But yes THC is a minor psychedelic so you can have some minor visual distortions and auditory hallucinations, which coupled with THC's increase in heart rate can lead to a panic attack.
  14. I never heard of it until grasscity...
  15. First time I got stoned alone that happened to me too.. I was at work and I couldn't focus my eyes and my vision was like a star shaped comic strip (best I can describe it) and I was freaking out. I eventually got a huge headache and felt sick to my stomach and then fell asleep and woke up and it was all good. And that was just half a joint! I smoked the other half later and never had the same experience so I assume I just greened out or had a panic attack. It's funny to think about now though
  16. I have a low tolerance and if i smoke half a blunt with my girl. Lights seem to Drag and Sometimes i see corner of the eye shit. Only when I'm truly wrecked though
    and here we have the backup, another NEW ACCOUNT that tries to give credibility to the OP's propganda post.
    new account backup of OP's propaganda
  19. I don't remember hearing any "tripping balls" complaints about weed, at least not to this degree, until the past decade or two. It leads me to suspect that they're either exaggerating, or today's weed is fucked up in some way.
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    or that they are just full of shit liars that have an anit mj/mmj agenda... cointelpro type tactics leo's and church religious groups use

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