How Come Marijuana Is Smoked Held With Index Finger And Thumb, Rather Than The Index Finger And Middle Finger?

Discussion in 'General' started by JoeVullion13254, Jun 7, 2013.

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    I notice that when I see people smoking a tobacco cigarette they hold it between their index and middle finger. But when people smoke a marijuana cigarette, they hold it between their index finger and thumb. This seems kind of odd. Anyone know why? 

  2. I've always figured most hand-rolled joints or blunts are usually more delicate than a cigarette, so it's a question of touch sensitivity
  3. I hold it both ways. It is easier to pass the thumb way.
  4. Personal preference i guess i have smoked js with index and middle fingers but it think what the other poster said is true. Most hand rolled js are not as finely rolled as a cigerette and may fall apart easier so they are more delicate. And when it gets really small that is the only way that you can hold it.
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    Usually i smoke a cigarette to myself and pass the grass. Thumb and index finger grip is much easier to pass. smoking a joint to myself i hold it like a cig until about the half way point. then comes the switch. inside of the finger is way more sensitive to heat than my finger tips.
  6. This is me as well. Also so weed doesn't fall out, you have no choice
  7. I roll my spliffs with a crutch and smoke them like a cig
  8. Yeah it's personal preference really. Joints are much easier to pass around using your index finger and thumb. 
    However, fatter joints can just as easily be smoked with your index and middle finger.
    Regardless of how you smoke a joint, when it gets down past 3/4 burnt, the only real way to keep hitting it and passing it is to "pinch" it with your thumb and index finger.
  9. Like someone else said, I think its about passing the J.  Ever tried to pass a joint holding it in between your index and middle finger? is just awkward
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     I use a toothpick pack lightly and tuck in the ends of my joints. acts like the paper in the tip of a Raw cone. Do it to both sides and your weed won't fall out. I find them to light and burn more evenly as well. 
  11. Wut
  12. Roll the joint, take something with a point (tip of pen, tip of scissors, tooth pick, twig, etc) and fold in the ends. 
    I fold in the tip of my joints to form a mouthpiece, it works quite well actually. 
  13. Like a burrito?
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    ^^^^Exactly. You have to leave a draw so you can still smoke it, small like a blunt so your stuff doesn't fall out.
  15. If you have a little extra paper at the end of the joint, folding it in can clog it up a bit, so just take your poking tool, and push a hole through the center of the clogged up paper.
    Every joint I've rolled with that method ended up burning really well with no drag, and they never clogged up or anything. 
  16. how would you hold a diamond? exactly.
  17. I always hold mine with the index/middle finger until I get to the end.
  18. I hold js just like a cig until they are too short.

    Thump and pointer is too obvious

  19. Another thing to consider, if you held a cigarette like a joint, you'd get nasty tobacco smoke over your last 3 fingers.  Holding a cig with the index and middle finger keeps the cig away from your hand more than holding it like a joint.  Tobacco stinks really bad and I don't like getting the smoke on my hand.  

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