how cold is too cold for outdoor

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by smokintokin, Sep 22, 2003.

  1. First time outdoor grower. Just wondering how cold is too cold for outside. Right now it is about 11 degrees fareignheight outside and I am wondering when I should bring my plants in.
  2. at 11 degrees farenhieght your plants would be dead and frozen solid, so i guess you mean celcius, too stoned to convert and i don't know the celcius scale very well. just well enough to tell you that 0 freezes and 100 boils and you are inbetween.
  3. keep it within rougly 65-80 degrees Ferenhiet...11 degrees is faar too cold..
  4. Ive seen some heavy Indicas grown in the snow but thats about it im guessing it would be like top 44 (right?) or some strain like that...
  5. My plant has been taking 52-54 degrees farenheight for about 5 days straight now. I think going below 42-45 starts to get dangerous.
  6. an easy way to conver from Celcius to F is to times it by 2 and add thirty to give u a rough estimate
  7. use 1.8 isnted of 2. I was thinking about this last night. if water frezes at 32* and the plant juices have to have salts ect that lower the freezing temps. I would feel safe with my plants around 35 ish degrees, anywhere below that and i would only be comfortable if i knew the strain, otherwise i would be checking the plants every day.

  8. lett the plant ferze for at leas 2 days the leaf is ise then it is god i was harvesting a big one to night and it was -2.8c and if u see on pic----- post u will see that it,s still is not dead

    the plant are growing whid snow on it in the mountans dummys it is like a thing ho dont want to be dead peacs hope this help and this is for plants ho is use to the cold and have grown here for manny years it take time it is not only to stikk it in the dirt and belive it can do all it self u must helpe if u will be happy

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