How Cold Is Too Cold For Flowering?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by pogmohoin, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. I know below 60 and growth is seriously stunted, but for flowering is it the same?
    Will bud development slow in cold temps? Or is it natural to get colder as flowering happens?
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  2. well the buds turn purple in the cold..How about sun are you getting any?
  3. In California. Growth has slowed to nearly stopped, leaves have turned purple but plants are still alive. I feel like they're hibernating, waiting for the weather to get warm again.
  4. What the temps gettin to there?

    I read somewhere its all about root temps, im thinkin insulate the pots.
  5. No pots--plants in the ground utilizing mother nature's love. Temps range from the afternoon, mid-70s and nighttime, low to mid 50s.
  6. When days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder(I mean considerably colder 40's and 50's) the plants will halt new growth for the most part and put all they have into maturing. The stress will cause them to push out more trichomes as well. As long as you have good sunshine and warmer soil temps, they can stand quite a bit of cold. When I grow late sativas here in NW Florida, it's common for them to have to sit through 5 or 6 frosts before they are finally finished. Climates vary a lot, but here this time of year we can have 45 degree variance between day and night on sunny days, so the soil has time to realy heat up during the day. I have 2 males outside right now that have already sat through 3 frosts uncovered w/o a hint of damage. In a few days I'll be collecting pollen. Hope that helped.

  7. If i put plants out that were only starting to bud, they wouldnt really put on much, just mature?

    Heres my problem.... after growing this yr for the first time, im mad about growing so i made a grow box to keep the enjoyment goin over the winter
    Im expectin a child so its either out of the house or gone altogether
    The box will be in a cold shed, and the box temps are 24-26 with the lights on in the house.
    The outside temps are gettin to 0 when it will be goin outside.

    So if i insulated the pots and kept soil temps in recommended range, would the ambient temp matter as much?
  8. Been nursing these babies along since June. Don't know the strain, but it has turned out to be a late blooming sativa that probably should be indoor in my area. I will NOT surrender! The weather has been dismal,58-65 for highs; 30-50 los...rain, wind. they have been in the tipis for 2 or 3 weeks now Cover with sheets at night. They are beautiful still tho the cold has affected their coloring. First grow. Have learned alot,...still learning just what they can take and still maybe finish:) Will never plant her clones outdoors again!I dont think they do well in temps that low...

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  9. ^^
    Bit of trimming ahead of you.
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  10. Not as much as I have behind me!

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  11. that should keep you till next harvest nice
  12. Did you get any scissors hash?

    With all my trimmings this yr, got the smallest bit of full melt hash. Beautiful.

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