How cold is too cold for cool tube air intake?

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  1. Running 2x600w hid cool tubes. If I pulled air from my semi-uninsulated attic (through my cool tubes), logic tells me that as winter progresses and we start seeing sub-zero temps, that my bulbs are just going to f'n explode. Is this an accurate hypothesis? What are safe temps for cool tube intake?

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    Im really curious about this too I have a 750 cfm fan blasting my 1000w with air from directly outside with like 3' of ducting from the intake lol. Its getting in the 40s at night but will get to like 15 soon.
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    It would only be a problem if your planning on bringing on that intake fan AFTER the light has been running and is hot. If you bring them on together, there wont be a problem. 
    If you brought that frigid air in when the bulb has been running and is nice and hot, you would run the risk if shocking the glass and causing it to crack/shatter. 
    BUT if you bring them on together, then that nice cold air will keep that bulb/tube nice and cool with no worries. 
    I know alot of people like bringing air IN by way of fan, but the way i've been doing it is to use my fan to pull the warm air OUT of my grow room, and I have some intake vents cut in it to allow fresh air to be pulled in as the fan sucks the air out. 
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    Thanks, Tom. I am venting into my basement through a laundry chute so that the heat can disperse throughout the house instead of just lighting up my roof. Last year it got down to -50 in Chicaca. Providing that the lights+exhaust come on together and I don't shock the bulb, you still think I could pass air that cold through my tubes? I'm completely new to cool tubing thing, so I just want to be thorough before I fudge it and start my house on fire. :)

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