How Cold Does It Have To Be To Grow Purple Ladies!

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  1. I ordered these last night and 2 of them have tendencies to turn purple/blue hue, as long as the temps are cool enough. i was wondering how cool is cool enough? Im going to be running a 1000w hps but i have ALOT of ventilation.
    i also want to run 2 vents directly from the ac into the closet running into the back of 2 fans so the cold air is disperssed into the room evenly.

    Does anybody have any experiances with how cold it has to be (F, not C) for thier ladies to be a nice dark purple or blue.

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  2. my experience has been that averaging mid-60s during your dark period will do the trick
  3. will bieng that cold stunt the growth of the strains that grow in a warmer climate?
  4. If they are gonna turn purple, then they are gonna turn purple. I don't know if I would want to lower temps just to make sure you get the color. They will be much happier in the high 70's than the low-mid 60's. No reason to take that kind of chance with some good seed.
  5. it says on all the strains that have a purple/blue hue that they will only turn color if grown in cooler then average temps, so i believe yes the temperature has everything to do with the color in these strains. can come one who know about these strains please help?
  6. Well then, be my guest....drop your temps down to get the purple. Sounds like you just answered your own question.
  7. no my question was how cold is cooler temps. in degrees (F) that someone has had experiance with..

    does anyone who actually have experiance with purple strains can give me some advice on wat thier temps were when they had the purple ladies
  8. Just give it anywhere in the mid/ low 60's. Thats not cold enough to harm the plant, but will darken the leaves to a purple tint.
  9. maybe im confused, but didnt I answer your question way back at the top? Ive seen a study that said no harm was done to various samples of cannabis until temperatures below 55 degrees Fahrenheit were reached.

    mid 60s is fine, and where you should go if you want your purple to come out. Keeping the temps mid 70s or higher in the dark is less likely to illicit the full color change, even if you have the genetic disposition. I have plants that can turn purple. To do it, I let the temps during the dark period drop into the 60s for the duration. It is completely fine.
  10. I tried this on my very first grow. 4by4by7 box with 1000w hps. had kush plants and the temps was from 55 oF to 82 oF. and all 4plants turned purple, 1 way more than the rest, but All did......
    plants turn purple in cold wheather as a defense mechanism, try it it will work. A goos majoruty of plants will turn purple in cold nights..

    and i got 13.5oz from the four plants so yeild wasn't an issue either...
  11. I just finished a Bubble Kush grow and my dark temps were @ the high 50's mid 60's... and I noticed the plants closest to my dehumidifier stayed greener, but the plants near the vent where i draw cold air turned a nicer purple.
  12. Kinda depends on genetics, i have a grape ape mom and her cloned produce Merlot purple buds under 78 degree days.

    From most others (Purple candy, the purps, ect ) ive found you gotta get below 72 (its basically as low as i like to get for days but you can get super darks down to 65 but be weary you WILL lose some yeild droppping below 70 unless you have a stong pure indica bred for high climate and low temps.

    You can also trick your plants by dropping down to 72-75 and using a nutrient formula with less phosphorus (p) the last three weeks of flowering. When your plant leaves turn purple its actually a deficientcy of phosphorus. Fortunutally its a nutrient that fairs little drop in yield but a unique look if proformed properly upon the right strains. Warning thou you must bring Nitrogen lvls up a bit and watch ph closley or (fn) and (zn) will raise to make the phosporuse unavailable for uptake and you will burn the plants beyond rescue.

    They turn purple becuase in low temps the plant cells are unable to move phosphorus, it is one of the first nutients to be lost through absorbtion as temps fall. So some strains have learned to combat the deficeintcy through breeding.
  13. thanx everyone
  14. Plus it's been proven that dropping the temps by at 10 degrees during the night cycle will produce slightly better quality and more potent flowers. The reason being is that this cycle most replicates mother nature.

  15. mhmhh im not sure about that one....and also doesant he have a strain that is grown in warmer weather how could putting it in a colder enviroment make it more potent if the place his strain was grown and breeded is a warm climate that just means that that strain is climatized to that weather so if ur changing the temps around it want be as goodly grown as the place it was breeded and what not lol

    i acaully heard the opposite that by inducing codler nights and making the buds go purple or whatever it doesant acaully change the potency of the bud
  16. I read that if the temperature in the grow area drops 20 degrees F from day to night, the plant will turn purple. My Jilly Bean was said to do this. I haven't seen any purple yet. I just got a Grand Daddy Purp and her leaf tips are turning a little purple. I'm hoping once she establishes herself better that she'll turn purple purple
  17. Almost any strain will turn purp,pink and red if left in cold conditions. I'm not sure why they advertise this for your "lady's" when it can be done all the time.

    Just about anything grown outdoors near the end of season hits the cold,damp,dark weather and you have the same results.

    The strawberry cough I once had did the same thing because I'm in a zone 5-6.

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