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How cold can cannabis plant get?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by aw69, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. Hey guys I live in new england, and the temps here are 55 degrees farenheit in the day and 38 at nite, I have 5 seedlings that need to be put outside, I have tnt kush, venano, 2 biddy early, and a maroc seeds all feminized I will put the 2l bottle greenhouse over each one but do you think they will live? How cold can they get before dieing?
  2. Temps in the 40s will eventually kill them. So 38 is too cold.
  3. They will be 3 weeks old and you still think its too cold even with a 2L bottle greenhouse?
  4. I don't think the greenhouse will do much to keep them warm at night. I had some plants get down to the low 40's for a few nights and they were not happy at all. They won't survive long term.

    Edit- Can you wait until it warms up to the mid 40s?
  5. No for many reasons I can't, but I don't know it 38-45 at nite and 50-70 at day, and it will be in the 45-50s at nite like a week after I plant them outside, is ther any greenhouse or something I can do to keep them warm?
  6. If you've got no choice, just try and see. Some strains will take cold temps better than others. I guess I'd put them out as late as you possibly can and put a little greenhouse over them at night until night temps are 50+. If it's only for a week or so you might be ok!
  7. you try the wallowater it will keep temps in during the day and release them overnight keeping the plant warm
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    Use your bottle greenhouse for each plant and put all the plants into another container for the night like a cardboard box covered with a clear top for night protection or for extra protection on really cold days. The plants have to be hardened off gradually for two or three days before subjecting them to the low temps and high light intensity from the sun.

    When hardened up properly plants can survive temperatures down to freezing, but proper growth will not occur until temperatures are staying in the mid 50's and above.
  9. What's a wallowater? Is that something I can buy online or something?
  10. I don't rush to put my plants out in the spring. It is better to wait until the ground warms up. Around here that is last of May to early June. How much cold they will stand is strain dependent but even with plants that will stand some frost in the fall it is better to wait for warm weather. At best planting early results in slow growth. Plants put out when the ground is warmer will quickly catch up to early planted ones.
    Good luck and stay safe.
  11. if you have a way to build a cold frame than do that and inside the cold frame fill some dark 2L's with water and stick them in there, they'll gather heat in the day and slowly release it at night, that should HELP quite a bit, if you can't do the cold frame thing, try surrounding the plants with 2L's and see if that help's though it may not help as much
    good luck man
  12. Alright haha you guys are going to think I'm stupid but on ebay under wallowater it say "6 each wallowater" does that mean 6 in a pack? And I know its not smart and I should wait but I don't have time.
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    Moosehead and others have provided some good advice.

    Youre going to loose the plants if you set them outside. Im in kentucky(37) and theres no way in hell i could put a plant outdoors right now and your 800 miles north of me. It will be a month before you should even consider setting them out.

    The air temps and soil temps are too cold and will be for weeks. All drug producing species of cannabis are tropical in origin. But even if you could put the plants in a heated greenhouse, the daylenth is not long enough yet and the plants will begin to flower - then they will reveg and then after they are chocked full of auxin hormones.. they wont ever finish appropriately for you to harvest. You are in a disaterous situation caused by premature growing.

    The only hope you have is to keep the plants indoors for the next month or so. Starting plants too early is always bad and this is a good example of that. You should just now be starting your plants for the seasons grow at your lattitude.

    EDIt: Whatever you do, dont let the Biddy get rootbound. Its very sensitive to that and will hermie in a heartbeat. It is also a very sensitibe strain to lighting variation and wont respond well at all in any significant changes in daylenth. Any biddy early plant that has a 2hr change in daylenth or lighting will straight up hermie. Its an excellent strain, but its touchy.
  14. if you harden them off correcteclty and use the wallowater correct your pant will surviive in those very low temps
  15. depends on the strain. I planted 6 bag seeds. I germinated them and stuck them in soil. it frosted twice and we've been having 40- 50 degree weather with occasional colder days and warmer days. nights are usually above freezing. especially now. All 6 bag seeds came up outside even through 2 frosts. they're a bit more purple than usual but tey're growing just fine. the onyl thing you may have to worry about is the stress affecting the sex of the plant. normally i get like 3/4 females anyway though. i think the bag seeds i grew before have a tendency to be females. I'm not sure why this is but i digress. go for it unless you have special seeds
  16. id say put them in black pots cuz black atrracts light and will keep the soil a lil warmer at night a homeade greenhouse will make a huge diffrence for added warmth wrap grass or hay or SOMETHIng you can find outside around the bucket so its kinda like a slot for the buckets to sit .. all this helped me quite alot when i was having temps around 37 at night but inside my mini greenhouse will all those steps takn it was about 44 -45 i only ..

    and hardning them of is quite important to when you first take them outside they NEED to be in a greenhouse cuz there not used to shit yet.. and also keep em in the shade for the first 2 days than move them to somewhere with SOME sun and so forth
  17. Hey guys i just need a few tips, i currently live in CO and the weather is staring to change fast because of el nino, I have three plants outside and they're kicking ass, one of them hasn't started budding yet and for this one i was wondering if i move inside and put a light on it will it be ok? but for the other two the buds are coming in nice i would say they're 2 weeks in but not 100% sure i don't want to move them inside since they're kicking ass out side but with this weather change when should i start bringing them in at night? whats the lowest temp they can survive? 
  18. Hello! Just gonna bump this old thread incase anyone is interested. I believe the amount of cold they can take depends on strain, location, and pot vs in ground (in ground insulates roots WAY better than a pot). Right now I have a pretty lady I am about to harvest and I was worried I was going to have to harvest early. She made through 4 nights below freezing, one all the way down to 28f! There was the tiniest bit of frost damage on only one fan leaf that is most exposed to sunlight. If the sun hits a leaf with frost, this is what really causes the damage. Location is important because my plant does not receive full light until a few hours past sunrise (thanks to a shady tree) and this actually helps by giving it time to thaw before getting hit with light. Granted my girl is def not getting any bigger, resin production and maturity is still increasing and I will be able to harvest when originally planned. Hope this helps someone!
  19. Don't be a fool. Plant in warmer climates in the spring. Planting in new england winter will slow the growth of the bud waaay down. If you get a bad freeze overnight, your plants will die unless you have a heated greenhouse. Good luck.

    Do indoor growing in the winter. Go to florida in April and plant for outdoor.

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