How closely do you stick to your beliefs?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by TheJourney, Jul 31, 2012.

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    Basically, what I am asking is this. Most of us, if not all of us, have a belief that we subscribe to. Do you always make sure to stick to that belief? In other words, do you ensure everything you say is consistent with what you believe?

    More and more as time goes on, I see no point in constantly sticking to my 'beliefs' in everything I say. Ultimately I subscribe to non-duality, where everything comes from an unspeakable center outwards in a way that creates the apperance of duality, with that appearance being ultimately false. The non-dual viewpoint implies no absolute 'wrongness' nor 'correctness' in any particular conceptual viewpoint that is linguistically stated.

    I, therefore, have begun to feel, more and more over time, free to play with beliefs. I don't see why I can't go along with a viewpoint for a while, claim it as my own and see how people react, and see what it is like to believe that, and how I would defend it. It seems we all tend to attach strongly to our pre-defined beliefs, and carefully make sure everything we say is consistent with that. But...why? Does it ultimately matter what we claim we believe at a particular moment in time? Are we not goint to evolve and change over time, anyways? Why can't we experiment with different belief systems? It seems this would be the best way to truly absorb and take in what the broad range of knowledge and viewpoints have to offer.

    For instance, my viewpoint of non-duality. For a while, most things I said were always explaining how the apparent dualistic disagreements were unnecessary. I was always explaining how dualities could be unified. Over time, that got somewhat boring. If all is saying the same thing, ultimately, why do I need to make that clear with everything I say? Why can't I, myself, experiment with apparently dualistic viewpoints, knowing that ultimately I do not subscribe to any particular end of any duality.
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    Whether or not I feel that I stick to my beliefs to any particular degree of closeness, I speak to them more than I realize.
  3. I dunno? I'm in this for enlightenment. And if my opinion is proven to be wrong I admit that I was wrong and try to the best of my abilities not to ignore what is said or block out what is said or delete threads or shit like that.
  4. Absolutely. I don't require others to abide by mine. Too each his own unless they are attempting to in some way, deprive me of my rights.
  5. I would say I do, but it's almost second nature at this point. I don't pretend to be someone I'm not and I would hope others follow that same course of humility.
  6. At little as I can. Which is the point.
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    lol :)
  8. Live by it.
  9. Op...sounds like you were stuck.....
    every so often we all need to pull our heads out of our asses and look round a bit....
    Shit changes as we go along....

    How well do i stick to my "beliefs" ?
    All depends on how well they are keeping up with me within the moment....
  10. I let my reality shape my beliefs rather than my beliefs shape my reality.. if that answers your question.

  11. This.

    Truth & Reality are my 'beliefs'.
  12. I just live man.. I dont have a belief system written on stone that says "I must act this way in order to keep my identity" nope. If i feel like being generous one day, I am. If i feel like being sarcastic or mean, I will. I am not an actor man..
  13. Beliefs are only what you make them to be - therefore they don't exist unless you make them do so. If they work for you - great. But what if they no longer do so? Unless you know exactly what your beliefs are, and where they came from, you will be subject to their influence, without ever knowing it.
  14. 98% of the time I do. But there is a 2% margin that is constantly questioning and doubting.
  15. That 2% uncertainty will always matter more than the 98% you're sure.
  16. It does, but it creates uncertainty in everything I do. Ever-questioning is tiring in more than one aspect.
  17. Are you sure it's only 2%?
  18. Maybe more, lol.

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