How close?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by IamuRme, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. This being only my second season to grow there's much I need to learn, some will come with experience and some will come from y'all.
    My question is; how close together can I plant 3 plants with the idea of thinning to 1 female when I am able to determine the gender.
    Thanks all
  2. What if you get three females :0
  3. I'd say 6 feet apart at best and 3 feet apart if you have no choice. You don't wanna clump to close together as they are much easier to spot that way.
  4. You shouldn't crowd the plants obviously. They will fight for root space and nutes.

    It's possible to flower an eighth of dank out of a 16 ounce dixie cup though.

    It all depends on circumstances.

    The questions I have for you is, how much are you hoping to harvest? Also is this outdoor?
  5. Thanks,
    Spotting isn't so likely. If I get 3 females, well that will mean 3 more holes, No matter what I don't plan on having more that one plant at each site. I'm not growing for the market, just family and friends

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