How close until bleaching occurs?

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  1. So the situation I have.

    My one DWC plant is in week 3 of flower and is sitting about 4" away from both of my cob lights. Each light is being ran at 1050ma( 38watts/cob x8 /1per foot squared) with one cola being smack in the middle of one of the cobs.

    The setup I have I can't move the light or the plant for atleast another 3 weeks. But am a little worried that bleaching will start happening.

    Right now there isn't any leaf, pistil or bud signs of any issues but is only an inch away from where the light starts to focus in and burn ( that certain distance from the cob that your skin goes from feeling ambient to tanning).

    I really don't want to monster crop. As that I want to practice later on.
  2. As far as I know monster cropping is taking clones in flower so they shock back to veg and branch out. Supercropping is the act of bending branches until they crease so they later form knuckles to spread the plant.

    I love it and do it all the time. I had a similar situation with the crop I'm on now. The colas shot up under my new quantum light and were starting to singe on the tips about 3 weeks in flower. I stepped in there and creased each large cola that was in the danger zone and bent it down horizontal. It was a little dicey for a while because they already had weight so they hung real low. The plant eventually healed and they turned back up vertical on the tips. Now they are beautiful colas and I may get one of the largest ones I've grown yet. It looks like a thick 14"er.

    It's the best thing to do with a healthy top that is almost burned. You'll see that the whole lower part of the cola and the buds that were underneath it will swell and all will benefit from the minor surgery because of the increased light penetration. Go about 12-16" down from the tops or whatever you feel is a good spot and pinch/roll a little with your fingers to weaken it. At the same time begin to bend it over 90 degrees with the other hand until it gently creases the stem in the direction you desire. It's easy. The plant recovers. I've never lost a branch. I do it to every plant I crop at least a little. It's one of my secrets to easy training of bushes with little to no string.
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  3. oh I should pop I pick up. its a clone that I topped a couple times then let it do its own thing, so it's rather undense on the foliage side and the buds are just as big down low as they are up high.

    and ya super cropping is what I meant, but not what I want to do. maybe if it was a week sooner but she's hydro bulked so I'm werie of doing it
  4. It's certainly better then burning the best tops. Is there no way to get the light a little higher up? I've resorted to hanging my lights from my top tent cross members on the ceiling with dog run clips. They hang about 4" from the top of the tent. They haven't even been down for two crops because of the size of the last veg plants I brought in there. No room for ratcheting straps in my bud side.
  5. Supercropping looks bad when you first do it but as long as you have 5 weeks or so left to harvest they will recover and continue to swell.
  6. In a little pinch RN my filter is over head of my lights so they can't go higher.

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  7. I beat up my last plants and was very happy with the branches that took the most damage.
  8. The affected areas were fully recovered by 3 - 10 days.
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  9. That's an easy fix then. Get the filter to the back corner away from raising the lights and relocate the fan. If you can't get it inside the tent the top of the tent is the best place for the fan or just outside the upper duct opening on the side of the tent. I know it's a bitch but it's worth it. You need all that headroom.
  10. Hmm not bad. Form week 6 though it might be bad though

    Ya it is a slight bitch but would relatively be easy since I did invest in venting. Id need a fan mount though.
  11. I just read about supercropping. And with this plant being a pilot project I decided to supercrop some of the high colas.

    Not all that hard just have to have patience with bending the stem.
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  12. I wanted to post earlier after you had pics and tell you those plants are plenty young enough to supercrop and recover. My buds were more developed then that. I thought I screwed up for a few days because the heavy tops would not stay up. They were falling down to under the canopy for a while. After about 2 weeks they're stiff now but completely out of burn range. The buds are developing much better. If you strategically figure out the best place to bend them to they don't usually effect the rest of the canopy much.
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  13. right on.

    well for week 3 compared to my soil grows the buds are about twice the size. and compared to my hps my cobs are penetrating deep enough for all the buds to be roughly the same size witch is I guess the third bonus so far.

    I don't know if I did it right but I just kept squeezing and rolling the stem in my fingers until it just bent over by itself, checked an hour later and the bend was brown. but seeing as the skin didn't break and the water pressure this plant has it should be okay,

    I only have 2 plants in there on is at week 7, ordered my cobs, 1040watts 1 mother and this one at week 3 today
  14. Hahhah..I used Zip Ties..Saved me about 16"
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  15. It's hard to be hyped about this crop with all my spider mite issues but I have noticed that since I've been running the quantum boards my buds are more dense. They're like rock hard. They're not way bigger but definitely heavier and more filled in. I have quite a few falling over at 7 weeks.
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  16. mine too buddy, its awesome
  17. How brown are they supposed to get?

    One pic makes it darker than it is and the other lighter

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  18. They'll be fine dude. I snapped mine way more drastic then that. Cannabis is one of the toughest plants I've seen to breakage. I've never seen a branch die. They can live with just the skin attached. The tops don't even wilt. Those bends will heal up strong in about 10-14 days and you won't be able to bend them there much again.
  19. First time and not much on the internet about brown stems.

    Ya the buds have turned to the light already and they aren't drying out

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