How close to being finished???

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  1. These girls are on day 62 of flowering and I tried looking at the trichomes with a 45x loupe magnifying glass but I couldn't tell for sure..they looked clear still..just wondering what everyone thinks of these? Thanks

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  2. nope you still got a week or two, maybe more. Wait for the hairs to start turning orange/brownish and receding into the bud, also check trichomes to see if they are going amber or not. You want to aim for 50% milky/50% amber for optimum potency.

    Beautiful buds by the way, what strain?
  3. I have no idea I wish someone could help me w them out of a batch I smoked a while back ha
  4. I'd say maybe another week?
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    damn that came from bagseed? lol thats really cool man, those buds look absolutely amazing, what do they smell like?
  6. Haha they smell great I really can't describe it lol..very sticky..they almost smell like an orange lemon mix if that makes sense
  7. I'm guessing it's an indica..I guess if I had to guess I'd say some kind of Kush...idk though
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    well whatever it is you've got some fine flowers there, damn fine

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