How close is your relationship with your parents?

Discussion in 'General' started by SKuM, May 29, 2009.

  1. Love 'em or hate 'em?

    I personally have a horrible relationship with my parents, always have, but I was wondering about the other blades here.
  2. I think i have a pretty good relation ship with my parents. I don't share everything with them but we are pretty open with each other. Have not told them about the smoking though.
  3. We have a close relationship. We dont talk much but they arent as horrible as some parents are
  4. hate them, avoid them, etc., adopted and have nothing in common with them, birth parents are unknown to me
  5. Well I'm 23 and I still live with them so I would say pretty good - I actually just got back from dinner with them.

    My dad and I have a lot in common, and my mom is just an all around nice lady.

    I drink with them and they know that I smoke weed but don't bother me about it.
  6. it is good on occasion, if we are talking about grades, lack of effort or something that kinda pisses me off we butt heads but if im watching a basketball game with my dad or playing wii with my mom our relationship is great
  7. My relationship with your mother is strictly sexual. So it's not too bad.. :p:p

    Just kiddin' bro. I'm chill with my parents, they know I toke.
  8. Me an my parents are real close. I can tell them pretty much anything without them being judgemental about it.
  9. great Relationship with my momma, we drink and toke together. she can get Danker shit than i can most of the time.

    I wouldnt trade her to have both my mother and father.[if that makes sense, im to stoned]
  10. I told my mom I tried it....and she said she never did and threw some bullshit at me about it but did say my step-dad tried it, but I haven't asked him yet really. I don't trust my parents with shit though, they hardly know anything about my life. I don't feel close to either of them, and never met biological dad (well I did, but I was like 3 when my mom divorced him so I don't remember). I don't think my relationship with my parents is why I started toking, but who knows.

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