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How Close is Texas to medical Marijuana?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by tiyoo, May 19, 2009.

  1. Does nayone know how close Texas Legislation is getting to medical marijuana...I have heard all kinds of things...everything from Texas will never decrim in to Texas is extremely close to MM....
  2. HA Texas... Good luck with that
  3. I would not be surprised. While Texas is widely regarded by coastal people who have no understanding of the state or its culture as very conservative and backward, it's a heavily populated state with many major urban centers.

    MMJ will become a "topic" in Texas politics. The state legislature introduced a MMJ bill last year, which died in committee. There is a large lobby group for MMJ in the state. I predict Texas will be one of the next states to implement an active, widespread MMJ program.

    Texans for Medical Marijuana - Home
  4. Thats what I thought. I know that here in Austin its now only a ticket offense up to a certain amount kind of like it is in Cali...but its not like that anywhere else...the cops kind of just look away. And you can smoke in public during Marley Fest (Austin Reggae Festival)...Anyways I hope that you are right...I am going to join the movement...I am going to California next month and am hoping to pick up some of that MMJ
  5. Cool, man. However, don't get your hopes up about getting MMJ in California. You need to have a CA driver license.
  6. PS...check this site out...its got more info on Texas...looks like we are getting closer...

  7. Is that all I need...I was under the impression I would have to have a doctors note and proof of residency...then I have to go to a county courthouse right?

    I was just going to drive up to Arcata, CA...and try my luck there...

    WeBeHigh.com WeBeHigh- Arcata california marijuana prices and weed spots

  8. Well, the program is only available to CA residents. In my experience, the doctor's office accepted a local utility bill, but the dispensaries will take nothing less than a state-issued driver license or ID card.

    I don't think there's a need to go to a courthouse. You can take a recommendation directly to a dispensary. You don't need a state-issued MMJ card to buy marijuana. I don't have one.

    However, unless you're planning to actually become a resident, don't count on taking advantage of Prop 215. It doesn't stand to serve visitors.

  9. Ya I figured as much...more than likely ill probably just be approached in Arcata...at least thats what I am hoping...as sad and illegal as that sounds...this is what it has come to.

    I know it sounds like an excuse, but other meds have messed with my body and Marijuana is the only thing that helps with my colitis...long story short...its convenient for me I guess.

    Anyways, thanks for the help
  10. i hope texas becomes one soon...moving from california to el paso and having my mmj life is gonna be tough without it in texas :(
  11. Finding weed in El Paso can be tough if you dont know anyone, but if you do its really really cheap and not that bad most of the time. That is the only good thing about El Paso.

    El Paso, its not where you go, its where you end up.
  12. Man I hope so, can't we sign petitions and stuff?
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    As long as we have lamar smith as a representative in Texas, no! The new bill by
    Barney frank, Ron Paul and others this guy isn't even going to look at it. Texas has a long way to go. Don't give up though one day soon cannabis will be free to grow openly

  14. Having urban centers doesn't mean squat in relation to the stereotypes you've mentioned, Nazi Germany had urban centers too (besides, TX is thought of as far worse than conservative...TX likes to alter history books, censor the news, profile anyone with dark skin, and other nasty things come to mind for many people...) but feel good, at least it isn't Missouri, or worse....Kansas (gawd the thought of living there is skeeeerrrry).... :D

    I doubt TX will be the next, but I think it would be a close race between TX and MO as to which jumps on the MMJ bandwagon first. ;)
    (don't hold your breath MO...aint happening any decade soon, not with the likes of Blunt and his goons holding a political office):mad:
  15. ^^^^^^^^^ Good advice^^^^^^^^^^

    Those gaming the system to get mmj only set back the whole mmj cause (not to mention the harm it does to decriminalization).

    Encourage your state to take up MMJ or move to a MMJ state (let the state know why you left if you do this...means they lost a voter they could have kept..politicians love votes...).
  16. I've been under the impression that Texas has issued medical marijuana license before. The state isn't die hard anti everything republican as people think, we are a different kind haha. We defiantly enjoy and support the use of Marijuana for medical reasons.

  17. Nope, Texas has never issued mmj in any way...

    Texas is thought of as PRO republican regime I believe (hard core republican at that...)

    "WE" as in Texans, not just "Americans"? (poking fun at that texas elitism thing..:p)
  18. IMO Texas will never get there, extremely conservative and closed minded. I currently live in Texas but am moving to a MMJ state soon! Cannot wait!
  19. They aren't that close minded lol. Not close minded enough to start shooting illegal immigrants. That is conservative close mindedness... You over estimate the definition of conservative. I'm a pretty conservative person, and I support MMJ along with many other people I know who are like minded.

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