how close are you to your parents?

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  1. Just wondering how close everyone here at the city is to their parents. I am kind of close, they don't know a lot about me or that i smoke da ganja but they respect that i am an adult and that i have to be independent at some point (btw i am 19 and am commuting to college from their house). I feel like a lot of the time i am just living in their house because i rarely speak to them some days.

    I guess i could say i am not in the 16 YO "i hate my parents, i want to get out!" mode, but i respect them and love them for being my parents and for providing me with everything i have (which i believe high schoolers have a hard time understanding that their parents literally GIVE THEM EVERYTHING)

    I know in the future, when it is pure adult with adult communication that i will be able to tell them anything, but with me still being under their wing i have to live by their rules and under their roof
  2. You ever seen the movie "ET" were that close............

    that close.
  3. My parents were stoners in the 60's and 70's. I grew up around weed, I think that's why I don't really understand how hard it is to keep it from your parents. In any case, my Dad died in 1987 when I was 16, and my Mom's remarried. I'm still close to her, especially after my daughter was born; she's my number one baby-sitter! Good thing we only live a few miles away.
  4. Odupis close
  5. im extremely close to my mom. not like that guy whos living in his mom's basement in his 30s and shit. but shes pretty much the only family i have.

    i havent talked to my dad in years. idk how long its been. pretty sure the last thing he said to me was "text me" on my birthday a couple years ago via text message. i didnt respond, not worth the time.
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