How close are you to the stoner stereotype?

Discussion in 'General' started by suicidebonger, Jan 15, 2014.

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    Title says it all- are you the type of person who acts like chong or are you a more poised, professional person when it comes to bud?Rate yourself on a 1-10 scale, 1 being the pope and 10 being tommy chongSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  2. nice question. I feel like everyone knows i smoke weed because im high in school and all the time out of school. But im not a sloppy person, i get good grades and i never rip anyone off im professional about bud. So idk im sorta in the middle
  3. I have my chong moments, for sure, but Id say Im somewhere in the middle
  4. complete opposite end of the spectrum
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    I'm not professional for sure but in no way shape or form lazy either I work 60+ work weeks and I really only smoke on the weekends any way. I don't reAlly know what type of stoner I am lol but I don't act anything like cheech or Chong I just try to be chill and happy and friendly ass possible high or not ya knowSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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  6. depends how high i am
  7. Some days i look like i fell outta duck dynasty, other days i look like a militant. Doubt anyone ever thought i was a stoner by looking.
  8. not really. weed wasn't my first drug so I never went into the scene like most do, I got into weed because I liked stuff like acid, shrooms and MDMA so I never did the 420 after school routine. if you looked at me you would prolly think I'm a skater/music guy but I was too nerdy for those kids and too badly behaved for the nerds. now I just do my thing on my, music, computer stuff, videogames.
  9. On a scale from business man(1) to Chong(10)

    More to Chong, like an 8
  10. [​IMG]

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  11. I was gonna write a clever post, I was gonna get liked the most but I got high
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  12. I don't feel as though I come off as a stoner. On most days at least. Some days I just don't care though so I'm sure those days it'd be easy to stereotype me.
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    On the aforementioned 0-10, Businessman-Chong scale...
    ...reckon I'm about a 6 when I'm toasted, maybe a 4 when I'm straight.
    We all have our "Grandma's Boy" moments. :laughing:
  14. i fall pretty close haha, i have long hair a little past my shoulders, i frequently wear and make tie dye shirts, i don't put in eyedrops, my thoughts tend to wonder, i have a bounce/slouch in my step, and i use the words dude bro brah man and homie and what? more than 50 times a day. now that i think about it, im pretty easily stereotyped as the hippy/stoner in my school haha
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  15. I smoke everyday several times a day but I also work and go to school. But I def spend a ton of money and time doing it. I have typical stoner rules but I don't look like a typical stoner. Not usually anyways hahaSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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    0 Even my friends didn't knew I smoked until I was 16 and I haven't changed since then, still look like a 12 years old and have a 4.2 GPA.(Started smoking between 14-15)
  17. Maybe 3 with my mind straight and 4 while high, I give myself a 3 for the fact that I am always chilling, but I don't look like a stoner at all. I usually know more about the drug than most people that smoke twice as me or look like real stoners (I have to thank GC). Nice thread.
  18. on the surface maybe 8
  19. hmm lets see-im unemployed-im high all day -i smoke cigarettes-food consists of local gas station food-drive a beater Dodge Neon 95-my friends are all dealers-my family thinks im on "drugs"id say i fit the stoner stereotype quite nicelySent from my iPhone.
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    I don't look like a stoner with my short hair and I'm pretty smart so not at first glance. After a convo most people assume I do because of my lack of fucks to give though.I'd say a 3
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